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Does work have you feeling down? Are the kids stressing you out? Ever feel like you just need a break? Well I know just the place! Take a vacation to Jordan. There's so many beautiful sights to see and wonderful things to do there. I recommend kicking off your adventure by visiting Petra, one of the new seven wonders of the world. Maybe next you could appreciate the glory of the Dead Sea which I'm sure you know is the lowest point on our entire planet. Don't forget that Jordan is home to the "Greco-Roman city" Jerash as well. In order to complete such a luxurious retreat, though, you must make sure you begin it in style. Come fly with Austrian Airlines to Jordan and before you even depart they'll have you saying "job? What job?"

Middle East

Austrian Airlines operates a large number of flights to the key economic centres in the Middle East: Tel Aviv, Tehran, Amman, Cairo.


Worth knowing

  • Currency: Jordanian dinar(JOD)
  • Language: Arabic
  • Capital: Amman
  • Austrian flight destination: Amman

Timetable Jordan

  • to AMM
  • from AMM

travel duration: 3:35

myAustrian Services

myAustrian Services

myAustrian Services are optional services, which you can add in order to customize your travel experience to suit your personal needs.

Top Questions

Up to how long before departure can I check in online?
Is there internet on board?
Yes, the myAustrian FlyNet, our WLAN on board. Currently selected planes from our Airbus family for short and medium distance connections are capable of offering the service. Reading and writing emails and WhatsApp-messages with friends and stream your new favourite video – with myAustrian FlyNet you are connected even above the clouds. You can connect to our WLAN when you board the plane and can choose between three different service packages when we reach cruising altitude.
What costs apply when changing a booking?
To change your booking details you pay a rebooking fee and a handling charge, depending on the type of ticket. If you rebook in a higher booking class you will also have to pay the difference between the original fare and the new one. As a general rule, you may rebook your ticket in the same booking class or a higher one ֠provided there are still seats available..
When can I use my smartphone on board?
You can use your smartphone or other mobile devices up to 1 kg, like tablets, in flight mode during the whole time between take-off and landing. You cannot have a data link to mobile networks or a bluetooth connection. Exception: You can use the myAustrian FlyNet, our on-board internet connection. Connect via WLAN with our FlyNet portal and you can be online while being above the clouds.