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Fly with Austrian to Havanna, the capital of Cuba, the biggest city in Caribbean and certainly one of the most beautiful. Here you can feel and see the course of history in many layers: colonial Spanish history since 1515 is manifest in La Habana Vieja, the old town of Havanna. Grand palaces like the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, Palace of the Generals, show the opulence of the Spanish-Cuban baroque style. The impressive building is only one around the Plaza de Armas, the centre of Havanna since the early 16th century. The Castillo de la Real Fuerza is the oldest European fortress in America and was built to defend the city against pirates and foreign armies. At the harbour two more castles, El Morro and the fortress La Cabaña are waiting to be visited. In the latter is a little museum for Cuba’s most famous revolutionary, Ché Guevara. This starts the more recent layer of history: The revolution and the subsequent isolation of Cuba, which led to the feeling of living in a time capsule. The famous American cars from the 1950s are the most obvious sign for this recent history. You can visit the Museo de la Revolución to find out about that period. There is also the Museo Hemmingway, the house of the famous writer, who lived here for 20 years. His favourite bar, the Bar El Floridita, is still open for business and claims to be the inventor of the Daiquiri cocktail. Try the famous rum of Cuba and have a walk down the Malecón, the beautiful walkway along the coast. Enjoy your trip to Havanna with Austrian!


Worth knowing

  • Currency: Peso(CUP), Convertible Peso(CUC)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Capital: Havana
  • Austrian flight destination: Havana

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