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Great Britain

Great Britain
Great Britain: Discover a country of great contrasts! If you are a fan of big cities, you shouldn't miss London, the capital city. It's one of the most vibrant cities not only in Great Britain, but in the world. It's full of history, art and heritage. Castles and historic houses on the one hand and modern architecture, top-class restaurants and designer fashion stores on the other. If you are visiting Great Britain and are based in London, we highly recommend some day trips to the city Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. Great Britain also offers popular seaside cities like Brighton at the coastline.

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

United Kingdom
  • Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)
  • Language: English
  • Capital: London
  • Austrian flight destination: London (Heathrow), Manchester
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR): The airport is located 24 km (15 miles) west of central London.
  • Address: Heathrow Airport Ltd., The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW
  • Telephone: +44-844 335 18 01
  • Airport London

Where to stay in Great Britain

Where to stay in Great Britain
The Stafford
A lot was going on under the roof of the London Stafford Kempinski Hotel in the past 100 years. The Carriage House in St. James for example used to put up the hot bleeds during those times when they weren't used by their owners - mostly aristocrats from the neighbourhood. The barn doors are still the same, and so are the names of the famous race horses. These are now assigned to the different rooms on the first level of The Stafford London by Kempinski Hotel which resemble famous scholars. The ship timbers that can be found in each room have done their duty in the 18th century on sailing vessels. What was going on in the secret subterranean James' palace of the wine cellar is unrecorded.   What we know, however, is that the Carriage House has twelve rooms and suites for their guests. 67 more rooms are located in the main building of the luxury hotel. Then there's also Stafford Mews which used to be mews and, in turn, brings us back to the horses. It now has 26 junior and master suites with separate entrance, and houses the new restaurant of the Stafford - The Lyttelton.
Hotel Baglioni
The Soho Hotel

Where to eat in Great Britain

Where to eat in Great Britain
Fish Club
The Fish Club catapults fish & chips into the new millennium, transforming any fat into valuable Omega 3: The restaurant is no fish in troubled waters but the culinary catch of the day. Fresh sea fish is served to guests daily.   The small restaurant with rustic wooden benches has haddock, Dorade Royal and calamari on its menu (or in the aquarium and in between displayed on ice - so you can follow the food chain quite easily). The before/after picture is similar, however, once the fish is on your plate it comes with chilli sauce or garlic or hides beneath a cake. You should definitely not miss out on Fish Pie. And if fish and cake is not your thing anyway, try fish and chips instead - the classic for fast food fans, but much fresher here than elsewhere.   The chips taste better, too, the bread has a lovely smell, and the dish of the day is cheaper. A word to fish bones: If you are scared of the ricochet in your windpipe, have something else instead, for instance Chorizo Kebab.  Because it's not only a matter of fish bones at the Fish Club, after all.
The Collection

Where to shop in Great Britain

Where to shop in Great Britain
Absolute Vintage
The reference point for English shoe sizes: 5 equals size 38. If you want to test this we suggest you pop in the Absolute Vintage as its name holds what it promises: You will find any, truly any shoes of yesteryear.   From fashion's point of view, yesteryear means really old but the notion also applies to decades when bright yellow stilettos were seen as often on the streets as Margaret Thatcher on TV. Or when belts where narrow and silver-coloured but shoes wide and high. Or when boots were tasselled, for sure. From the fifties to the eighties you find anything here that was expensive then and is en vogue again: Top-Gun shades for watery eyes or shoes by Chanel, the latter of timeless beauty anyway.   If you throw another eighties party and you weren't able to afford the Gucci purse then, we suggest you make a detour to  the Absolute Vintage. And if you think that the stuff in your wardrobe will be out the next day anyway, you are wrong - and also wrong at this place. Simply wait for the next revival!
Honest Jon's
Vivienne Westwood

What to see in Great Britain

What to see in Great Britain
London Eye
London has had its own Giant Ferris Wheel for ten years, stealing the show from Vienna with a height of 135 metres compared to the Viennese landmark of a mere 60 metres of height. But the Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna's Prater amusement park is faster, one round-trip taking 10-12 minutes depending on the visitors that want to get on it at the bottom.   The London Eye won't stop but takes on visitors at full speed - and still it takes 30 minutes for one round-trip. You won't get bored anyway as on clear days the view takes in 40 kilometres. That means you can wave all the way from the glass capsules to Windsor Castle. In the mood for a stylish party? The London Eye can be rented for birthdays, weddings or Halloween, and if you feel like cuddling up you can also rent yourself a private capsule along with champagne and caviar. What the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and the London Eye have in common: they were both designed by Britons.   The occasion in London was obvious: The Giant Ferris Wheel, after all, symbolises the wheel of time and the movement into a new millennium, whereas in Vienna it was only the Emperor who celebrated an anniversary.
Tower of London

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