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Great Britain

Great Britain
Great Britain: Discover a country of great contrasts! If you are a fan of big cities, you shouldn't miss London, the capital city. It's one of the most vibrant cities not only in Great Britain, but in the world. It's full of history, art and heritage. Castles and historic houses on the one hand and modern architecture, top-class restaurants and designer fashion stores on the other. If you are visiting Great Britain and are based in London, we highly recommend some day trips to the city Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. Great Britain also offers popular seaside cities like Brighton at the coastline.

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

United Kingdom
  • Currency: Pound sterling(GBP)
  • Language: English
  • Capital: London
  • Austrian flight destination: London (Heathrow), Manchester
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR): The airport is located 24 km (15 miles) west of central London.
  • Address: Heathrow Airport Ltd., The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW
  • Telephone: +44-844 335 18 01
  • Airport London You will be directed to a possibly non-accessible site. Take care. Be careful.

Where to stay in Great Britain

Where to stay in Great Britain
The Milestone
From the moment you step out of your Bentley until your departure, two devoted staff people will take care of you. You don't need to unpack yourself, your butler will do it. 24-hour service is included, of course, theatre tickets are no problem at all and your personal chauffeur will take you to the sights. Your dog is in the mood for pork steak at two in the morning? Dinner is served, Sir! The chambermaid alone deserves a decoration. When she is ready with the room, she leaves the weather report, fresh fruit, the daily newspaper, mineral water - and candles for the bathroom, an extra touch of romance. You wouldn't need the latter though with this kind of interior, the design reminding of the good old times when England still had colonies, ladies still threw tea parties and sunshades hid their pale skin - it can't be more romantic. And it can't be more imperialistic. Even when cuddled up in your canopy bed or hiding in your Jacuzzi, you'll still feel like a colonial master sipping your sherry in front of the open fireplace and having your butler with you while on safari. The hotel also arranges picnics in the park, including champagne and strawberries with cream. Double room from approx. 370 Euros per night.
The Stafford

Where to eat in Great Britain

Where to eat in Great Britain
For your orientation: Samarkand is located to the right of the Caspian Sea, to the left of China and right in the middle of the Silk Road.  The surroundings of the city are teeming with "stans", namely Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan - and Uzbekistan, the country to which the city of Samarkand belongs. If you are looking for the right "end" in London, you should in any case pop in the brand-new Samarqand, the branch of a recently opened Russian restaurant chain highly acclaimed by critics. Why? Because it is different: not quite Chinese and noodles, not quite Russian and heavy, but somewhere in between, on the Silk Road to be exact. If you are hungry and not keen on experiments, rely on the old friends: There is lamb and Borscht - you can't do anything wrong with it. And if you still haven't found the right pasta, we recommend ravioli - same name for it from Europe to Korea and same taste, too. Uzbekistan calls them Samsa and at the Samarqand Samsa is served with mint, lamb and tsatsiki. Just one more word to how the restaurant works: Business is up front, Karaoke in the backroom. If you combine both, you have earned yourself a water pipe in the lounge.
The Gun
Harwood Arms

Where to shop in Great Britain

Where to shop in Great Britain
Does it sound familiar: You walk into a shop just to browse around and end up buying half the stuff on offer there? This can very well happen to you at the Skitsch designer store. This and long pauses in front of the shelves as you often don't know what the heck you have in front of you. An ashtray? A vase? A cup? A look at the tag reveals that the thing is called "Imperfetti" - and it looks like that as well. But still you want to buy it at all costs, now, and immediately. The next shelf has a rather crooked look, too, but that might render the books on it more unconventional, after all. So let's have it. The clothes stand in a plastic tank is maybe just a bit too arty but you've got to have the key ring in the form of a hand. The sofas, well, the sofas are real sofas, so you can be sure about that. But their design is funky anyway. As souvenirs we recommend the lamp in the form of a campfire or the candleholder that looks like something in between tree trunk and exhaust pipe. And here's another tip: Check the time every once in a while as otherwise you might end up spending the total of your holidays at the store.
My Sugarland

What to see in Great Britain

What to see in Great Britain
Buckingham Palace
Life at Buckingham Palace is life in a glasshouse. But you don`t have to refer to the Yellow Press if you want to take a look behind the scenes. Quite officially, you are allowed to visit nine of the 775 opulent rooms - but only when the Queen is not at home. A flag on the roof shows you whether she is or not. If you see the red-gold-blue Royal Standard, you can forget about a visit. But if the Union Jack is on, you can step inside. Inside precious paintings by Rubens and Rembrandt as well as valuable antiques wait for you. Outside, you can see the gardens with its varied species - and you can watch the famous Changing of the Guard every second day at 11:30. If you`ve always wanted to see the march of the fur caps you should join the tourist crowds. But the question remains open whether they can guard Buckingham Palace as well as they can present their rifles. Every year mentally confused persons, protestors against nuclear power or tourists on their wrong track get behind the walls, after all, to take a stroll. But despite all these security gaps the guards are still THE attraction of the Empire.
Brit Movie Tours

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