Stay in Vienna

Stay in Vienna
Hollmann Beletage
The hotel has 25 rooms that are so cosy that you immediately feel at home. The rooms are tastefully furnished and situated around a living-room, where a minibar and a well-stocked library invite you to stay for a while.   And if you don't want to leave the house at all, you'll never get bored. The hotel has its own cinema showing Austrian classics. Moreover, there is a spa to relax and a wonderful garden, which makes you forget that you are in the middle of a big city.   Tipp: Just around the corner you find the star restaurant Hollmann Salon. A night in a double starts at 140 euros.
Ritz-Carlton Wien
Wombats: The Base

Shopping in Vienna

Shopping in Vienna
The Yppenplatz is the heart of the trendy neighbourhood around the Brunnenmarkt. This is where Lisi Lang's showroom is located. Her true name is less well-known than her label Lila, whose product line is sold in many shops in Vienna.   The Lila garments are most beautiful, however, when they keep to themselves: The small, bright shop is only opened on Saturdays, so one can purchase the entire collection at once. The package includes: Skirts, dresses, coats, shoes, lately even for men and children. As usual the cuts are astute and the clothes extremely comfortable.
Gemini Universe

Eat in Vienna

Eat in Vienna
Bar Puff
Matthias Euler-Rolle was the youngest radio host in Austria and grew to fame through the channel Ö3. Today he is programme director of the soul radio station And owner of a bar.   At the end of November 2012 he opened his own bar called Puff in the Girardigasse in the sixth Viennese district. Everything happened quietly, almost secretly. It's a cool joint, used to be known under the name Girardi Club where easy girls welcomed their guests. Today this is different. The bar was designed by the Viennese Walking-Chair design studio and you sit under light objects made of PET bottles and sip cocktails that do not know frippery and affectations. The bar has the first Gimlet machine in the city which stands directly on the counter.

Sights in Vienna

Sights in Vienna
When the schedule is tight and you need to get moving, we suggest combining your morning jog with a sightseeing tour: Just run around the ring road and admire the magnificent buildings.   Shortly after the start you pass the parliament building: Pallas Athena is turning her back to the parliament, maybe not a wise decision. Then you move on to the Rathausplatz, with City Hall and Burgtheater, then on to the University at the Schottentor, passed the Bourse, the Urania, and the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts). Along the chic Kärnterring you reach the Opera. If you need more action still, you can turn into a park on the way. The Volksgarten, the Stadtpark or the Burggarten are possibilities. Tip: The round also works with the tram (you have to change lines) or a rented City Bike.

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