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Reasonably priced flights to Innsbruck, INN - a great opportunity to visit this beautiful location and enjoy the legendary scenery of the Austrian countryside. Innsbruck is named after a bridge over the Inn river which flows through the city. Its location is dramatic because of the towering mountains on each side of the Inn valley. In winter, the city is a world-renowned skiing and winter sports resort. In summer, it offers a delightful base for exhilarating walks through the Tyrolean countryside. The region is an interesting mix of ancient traditions and modern amenities. Folk costumes, local food and small festivals abound, since the citizens are proud of their long history going back to Roman times. Nowadays, the city is geared up to providing all the services and entertainments that visiting tourists have come to expect of a modern European city. The local climate is alpine, making this an ideal place for bird watching and enjoying glimpses of the local flora and fauna. Most visitors like nothing better than to take a packed lunch of local bread, cheese and wine into the mountains. Transport by road and rail is good, with extra facilities such as ski lifts and light rail extending the national network into the higher regions. Innsbruck is an unforgettable place to visit. Flying from Canada is a convenient and reasonably priced way to experience it for yourself.
Worth knowing

Worth knowing

  • Currency: Euro(EUR)
  • Language: German
  • Capital: Vienna
  • Austrian flight destination: Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt
  • Innsbruck Airport (INN): The airport is located 5 km (3 miles) to the west of Innsbruck.
  • Address: Fürstenweg 180, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
  • Telephone: (43)(512) 225 250
  • Airport Innsbruck You will be directed to a possibly non-accessible site. Take care. Be careful.

Where to eat in Innsbruck

Where to eat in Innsbruck
It's the light at the end of the tunnel: those who take a seat here will be sated, but you could never get enough of the panorama views. The upper floor of the city hall galleries has a unique position that boasts an unbelievable view of the city, the mountains and almost the entire region of Tyrol, as it appears. It may be easy to look past your plate, but don't look too far as what is served on plates here is truly a feast for the eyes. You can expect artfully arranged buffalo mozzarella, colourful baby leaf salads and carefully decorated tomato tagliatelle. It's all mouth-watering stuff that harmonises with the view. The farmer's dumplings won 14 points whilst being tested and were one of the many reasons why this restaurant has a 'Haube' - Austria's equivalent of the Michelin Star. The noble wines from Austria and Italy put the icing on the cake, but aren't the only sources of shining light to be seen in the 360°wine bar.
Chez Nico

What to see in Innsbruck

What to see in Innsbruck
It will be a park for eternity: The Hofgarten already has 600 years behind it. But where Sissi once went for a stroll, club-goers now dance around the clock. It's seen the renaissance and saw the baroque period come and go, rulers have reigned and stollers have gotten lost. Regardless of what this place has seen: strollers from all around the world come to explore the biggest parkland of all time. The pavilion was built in 1733 and some plants were personally planted by Maria Theresia herself. The tropical house was built in the '60s and boasts 1,700 plant species for visitors to explore, as well as changing exhibitions. So eveything in the Hofgarten must be antiquated, right? No way! In the evenings there's a round-the-world trip rather than a travel through time: when the turntables light up on Thursday nights, hits from Jamaica, Paris, Rio and L.A. pump the speakers and the trendy audience set the dancefloor on fire. If Sissi would've known... But perhaps the dignified restaurant might've appeal to her even more. Those who take a seat are treated with local specialties such as excellent beef broth and farmer's cheese dumplings. But it doesn't matter which scene you belong to , or if you are only interested in the culinary delights, the Hofgarten is worth the trip.
Innsbruck Hafen

Where to shop in Innsbruck

Where to shop in Innsbruck
So the words Ninja Tunes and Slow Cosmic Disco don't mean anything to you? Then you should take a look around in the Soundstation Record Store, where they serve everything that comes stamped on black gold - yes, vinyl records. The store isn't that big, but the 1 euro bargain box is worth the trip alone. Here you will find the right tune for the right price. Those who are willing to dish out a little more should entrust the specialists, Klaus, the electro-junkie is behind the counter on Wednesdays and Fridays, Albi is there for all your hip hop, reggae and break beat requests on Mondays and Saturdays, on Tuesdays Stefan is your man for all things afro & cosmic and Gregor is the guy in the know for drum'n'bass music. Along with the professional advice, there's a couple of CDs available and some equipment for DJs of all levels, not to forget snazzy Pioneer cases for the trip between the bedroom and the nightclub.
Cheeky Monkey
The Golden Path

Where to stay in Innsbruck

Where to stay in Innsbruck
Hotel Sailer
The Hotel Sailer is one of those typical Innsbruck hotels. It combines skillful tradition with comfort and enchants its guests with an extra dose of Tyrolean style. Those who haven`t yet bought themselves a traditional Tyrolean hat will at least put one on here, simply to soak up the ambience even more. Or even a pipe, which fits like a glove in the farmer`s parlour. Wooden stools, wooden tables and embroidered cushions are the perfect ingredients for a proper feast in the hotel restaurant. Austria`s best wines are also on offer and as Italy isn`t that far away, the hotel has expanded its wine list across the border. However, they didn`t stop there - you will also find wines from Chile, California and Australia. The rooms all strictly hold to the traditional Tyrolean style and when you want to completely switch off there`s always the wellness area with its sauna, steam bath and magnificent view of the Tyrolean mountainscape.
Schwarzer Adler

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How can I check-in online with Austrian Airlines?
You can use the web check-in online via or the Austrian Airlines App. You need your last name in combination with the booking code, an e-ticket number or a frequent flyer program number.
How can I make a seat reservation?
You can make a seat reservation during the booking process or up to 48 hours before the planned departure time under “My Bookings”. You may also contact the Austrian Airlines Service Center and selected travel agencies.
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Whether your ticket can be rebooked or reimbursed is dependent on the tariff you booked and its tariff provisions. You will get more information during tariff selection in your online booking and on your booking confirmation. You can reverse your ticket by phone with our Guest Service Team: Mo-Su: + 43 5 1766 1001 (in Austria) 08:00-20:00, or by using the contact form. Cancelling your ticket online is not possible.