Additional baggage

As an Austrian Airlines passenger you will travel with your own skis and surf on your own board. Because we allow you to book additional baggage and carry your equipment or larger souvenirs from your holiday with the aircraft.

Excess baggage

You can take any kind of bags with you on your trip. Check in your golf bag, musical instrument or wedding dress in addition to your suitcase. We have the right solution for every eventuality.

Bags on the Economy Light fare

You can book bags for outbound and return flights on the Economy Light fare. Different prices apply to the first bag compared to additional excess baggage.

Sports baggage

Whether you want to take a surfboard, fishing equipment or your own skis, we have enough room to transport your sports luggage. Instead of renting equipment at your destination, simply take your own equipment with you and be perfectly prepared for your favourite activities.

Travelling with pets

Please inform us by telephone before booking if you would like to take your four-legged friend on your trip with you. We will check the carriage conditions and inform you about the availability of space on your selected flight. Your pet will then be carried either in the cabin or in the air-conditioned cargo hold, depending on its size and valid country regulations.


If you carry a bag that exceeds the maximum size of 192 cm (length + width + height) or weighs over 32 kg, you can check it in as cargo.