Information for vaccinated and recovered passengers

The exit and contact restrictions have been eased in many regions for persons who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or who are proven to have recovered from Covid-19. In addition, some countries are allowing exceptions from the duty to quarantine.

Please note

Whether you are vaccinated, recovered or tested: many regulations that were valid in the past are still current. All persons must do the following:

  • observe social distancing regulations, 
  • abide by the familiar hygiene recommendations and
  • continue to wear a face mask. Please pay attention to the requirements of the authorities and airlines here.

There is currently no easing of restrictions here for vaccinated or recovered persons.

You can obtain all the information that you need on this matter under ‘current entry requirements’.

Evidence of full vaccination against Covid-19 or recovery from Covid-19 must be provided if required. The national authorities will decide whether there are exceptions to the required negative Covid-19 tests such as by a vaccination, for example.

Vaccinated persons

You are regarded as fully vaccinated when you can verify via an official certificate that you have been vaccinated with the required dosage of a vaccine approved at your destination. Please note that authorities set different guidelines for how long ago the last vaccination has to have been given. You can obtain information about the approved vaccines or time periods from the authorities at your destination or under ‘current entry requirements’.

The following documents, among others, are recognised as proof of a vaccination: 

  • An international vaccination certificate “International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis” (Yellow Card) or other officially issued vaccination records/ vaccination passports/vaccination certificates
  • A vaccination certificate that has been issued to you by the vaccinating authority (loose-leaf)
  • Officially approved digital vaccination certificate. The app-based solutions (in future also integration into the Lufthansa Group airlines’ apps) store the vaccination certificate as a QR-code that can be shown or sent as necessary.

Please check which documents apply to your transit or destination country, or which documents you still require.

Recovered persons

You are regarded as a person who has recovered from Covid-19 if, within the last six months, you have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 through a PCR test and the test result dates back at least 28 days. If your test date is more than six months ago, as a rule you are no longer regarded as a recovered person. Please find out in good time about the applicable regulations at your transit/destination location.

As proof that you have recovered from Covid-19 (i.e. have overcome an infection with SARS-CoV-2), you can use the following documents, provided that these are accepted by the authorities of the transit or destination country:

  • Individual-related positive PCR result of a laboratory/testing site or a test centre
  • Medical certificate or isolation attestation, provided these contain details of the type of test and date of test/notification
  • Further certificates from the authorities provided these contain details of the type of test and date of test/notification
  • Official, internationally valid Health Wallets 

Important: in principle, only an individual-related positive PCR test result is applicable. Further permitted procedures or formal requirements are stipulated by the authorities of the transit/destination country. Please find out about these accordingly.

Digital document verification for vaccinated and recovered persons

On selected flights, you already have the option of sending test certificates and confirmations of digital entry applications to a specially established Lufthansa Group Health Entry Support Centre 72 hours before departure using a contact form. Now you can also send your Covid-19 vaccination certificates or evidence of recovery to this Support Centre. After the certificates have been examined, you will receive confirmation via email about whether they correspond to the entry requirements or you will receive feedback in the event that the documentation is not adequate. 

Of course, you can also have your documents checked at the airport.

Please note the following: many countries continue to demand evidence and documents in paper form. Therefore, in addition to the digital evidence, please also bring along a printed-out version.