Unaccompanied minors

For most children their time on board the aircraft is a real adventure. We inform you about the special regulations so that you can send your child on their way without any worry.

An Austrian employee accompanies a girl traveling alone at the airport

Assistance service for unaccompanied children once more available on direct connections

We can now accept bookings for unaccompanied children on our direct connections. If you already have a confirmed direct flight incl. assistance service for your child, it continues to be valid.  

An assistance service is unfortunately not yet available for connecting flights.  If you already have a confirmed connecting connection incl. assistance service for your child, please contact our Service Center immediately.

Before booking the assistance service for your child, please note the different entry regulations of the countries concerned. These may involve quarantine or the need to take a Covid-19 test.

Your child is in safe hands with us

There are many reasons why a child has to fly unaccompanied – but there is no reason for you to worry. Our unaccompanied minors service will look after your child during the trip. Assistance is compulsory for children between five and eleven years old, but can also be booked for children up to the age of 17. This way you can be sure that your child will experience special care even in the event of disruptions to the flight, for example if the connecting flights are cancelled.

With Austrian your child will be looked after throughout. He or she will be received at the airport, taken to the aircraft and handed over to the crew. During the flight your child will be received by our staff and handed over to the specified person collecting them at the arrival airport. In the event of any unforeseen changes we guarantee that they will be looked after and the contact people notified immediately.

This is how you can send your child off on journeys unaccompanied

Dealing with documents

Find out about the entry regulations at your destination country in good time before departure. These regulations may vary from country to country. These documents must be given to the child to carry with them.

Booking a flight

The unaccompanied minors service can only be booked by telephone. Specify the adults who will be handing over and collecting your child. The costs of the ticket and service are charged together and the service applies for each leg of the journey. Assistance applies to connected bookings in order to ensure time for connections.

Completing the form

Download the special service form and bring four signed copies with you to the airport for each leg of the flight. For example, if you book a flight from Vienna to Paris and return, you will require a total of eight printed copies.

Handing over your child

Come direct to the check-in desk with the documents, or in Vienna direct to the Special Assistance desk in Terminal 3. There your child will be given a shoulder bag to keep the special service forms and the official documents safe. Please bring the photographic ID of the contact person with you for checking. If you wish, you can accompany your child to the gate – our ground staff will do that for you on request. The accompanying person must remain at the airport until the aircraft takes off. The person collecting your child must be able to identify themselves at the destination airport.


In addition to the airfare an assistance fee is charged for the unaccompanied minor service for children travelling alone for each child and each leg of the journey. Different tariffs may apply on other airlines.

ZoneAmountAustrian Airlines destinations
EuropeEUR 85Europe including flights within Austria
North Africa and the Middle EastEUR 95North Africa and the Levant region in the eastern Mediterranean including Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq
Middle EastEUR 115Middle East including Iran
Intercontinental medium distanceEUR 125USA east coast, Canada and the Maldives
Intercontinental long distanceEUR 150USA west coast, Japan, China, Thailand and South Africa

Tips for the well-being of your child

With the right preparation your child will be ready for their adventure:

  • Think about all the documents and photographic IDs for the people handing over and collecting them.
  • Create anticipation, for example by choosing the seat or booking the children’s menu together.
  • Get tips for your journey: Think about the temperate differences between the departure airport and the air-conditioned cabin.
  • Small children may be happier if they have a cuddly toy to take with them.
  • Your child should start their journey fully rested.
  • Talk to your child about the journey and what will happen so that he or she is prepared for all the steps.

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