Internet on board

Whether you want to read your emails, chat with friends or shop above the clouds, our Austrian FlyNet service packages are tailored to your needs.

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Buy access in advance

We offer you FlyNet Internet access in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom on short and medium-haul flights. Either book in advance via the given link or buy one of the packages once on board in the FlyNet Portal and get connected.

FlyNet service packages

FlyNet Mail & Surf

Medium speed: 600 Kbit/s¹
Particularly suitable for emails, social media channels and surfing the Internet

Flight timePrice
Flights under 90 minutesEUR 5 or 1,700 miles
Flights over 90 minutesEUR 7 or 2,300 miles

FlyNet Stream

High speed: 15 Mbit/s¹
Particularly suitable for high-speed Internet surfing, audio and video streaming as well as VPN services

Flight timePrice
Flights under 90 minutesEUR 10 or 3,300 miles
Flights over 90 minutesEUR 12 or 4,000 miles

1 = The speed is limited to the respective acquired transmission rate. Once redeemed, the Internet access code is valid only for that respective flight. Please note the different prices in the online shop of Deutsche Telekom. You can find additional information on the service packages in the Flynet portal.

How to use FlyNet Internet access on board

Good to know

  • You can easily recognize the aircraft that have been adapted for onboard Internet by the WiFi sign.
  • The service is only available on selected short and medium-haul flights of the Airbus A320 family of the Austrian Airlines fleet.