The AXA Partners “Tested Flight Care” product

More benefits for your safety

In order to guarantee our passengers the best possible protection, Lufthansa Group has entered into a close partnership with AXA Partners for Covid-19 Tested Flights.

Basic services

If you have a booking on one of the Covid-19 tested flights, the following benefits from AXA Partners Tested Flights Care are available to you*:

Medical Assistance

Telephone information – even before your trip – about vaccinations, diseases at your travel destination, traveller’s medical kit, medical precautions, medications, outpatient and inpatient treatment options

Telemedical Assistance

Option of a medical consultation by telephone during your trip. Available in English (24/7) and German (weekdays from 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.)

compensation in the event of a positive antigen test

If, contrary to expectations, your rapid antigen test is positive, the costs for the diagnostically necessary PCR test will be paid if they are not already covered by your usual health insurance or other parties. Contact AXA Partners Assistance directly; they will provide you with comprehensive information and will accompany you in all the steps that are necessary in this situation. Please consult on insurance benefits claims in advance by calling the AXA Partners Hotline on +49 221 80247 1869

In the event of a Covid-19 infection, AXA Partners will also provide you with further support:

Holiday guarantee

  • It takes effect in the event of infection with the coronavirus, quarantine, a positive antigen test during your trip and denied entry due to body temperature control (see below for other rules for travel disruption)
  • accommodation costs due to quarantine or lockdown up to 14 nights and up to EUR 175 per night, as well as the costs of unused overnight stays or excursions and events
  • Travel disruption (after commenced trip): Payment of return travel costs and other additional costs for travel disruption due to Covid-19

Medical treatment costs

  • Payment of medical treatment costs for outpatient or inpatient treatment for infections with the SARS-COV-2 virus and the resulting Covid-19 illness. The maximum compensation payment is EUR 100,000.
  • PCR test costs are included if ordered by a doctor in the country of travel and after returning to the country of residence if a risk area is declared during your trip in order to avoid longer quarantine.

Medical Repatriation

  • Medical return transport to a hospital in the country of your residence (within the European Economic Area*), if this is medically necessary.
  • In case of death: Payment of costs for the transfer of mortal remains or funeral expenses locally.

Contact options

If you have any questions before your journey or need local assistance, please contact the following hotline: +49 221 80247 1869

Alternatively, you can also contact AXA Partners by email:

* The person insured must reside within the European Economic Area. Persons who reside outside the European Economic Area are also insured for flights within the European Economic Area.