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Privacy Policy

With the following privacy policy, Austrian Airlines AG would like to clarify which personal data are processed in relation to an profile.

In addition, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the profile and the General Conditions of Carriage shall both apply for the operation of flights.

1. Registration at

The profile enables you to store your personal data at Austrian Airlines AG (title, first name, family name, date of birth, e-mail address and, if applicable, your frequent flyer programme details), which in turn enables subsequent flight bookings to be processed more quickly and easily. Moreover, each profile user has further options at their disposal, such as editing their personal data after registration, booking services and flights, making changes to bookings, or checking in.

Registration at profile is voluntary and free of charge and thus can only take place with your express agreement. In the case of flight bookings, prior registration at profile is only required for special flight purchase terms, namely ABO and CNR. ABO refers to coupons which are purchased and used for a specific flight route at a specific price and is only available in selected countries. CNR refers to special fares used for corporate clients.

2. Purpose of the profile

The profile is designed to make Austrian Airlines AG online services easier and more convenient for you to use.

This includes:

  • checking flight availability and status,
  • a simplified flight booking process,
  • the use of additional booking services, such as seat reservations, online check-in, inflight entertainment, etc., and
  • taking advantage of offers from our partners (i.e. other airlines with which Austrian Airlines cooperates, such as Lufthansa AG, Swiss and Eurowings), to help us provide you with more specific offers tailored to meet your needs.

2.1. Personalised information, offers and advertising

With your registration at profile, you agree to allow Austrian Airlines AG to analyse your consumer and online usage behaviour in order to provide you with personalised information and offers which are relevant to you and customised in accordance with your personal preferences. This analysis is carried out by aggregating all of your consumption and online usage data, which are permissibly collected by Austrian Airlines AG and centrally stored at Austrian Airlines AG. Your personal data will only be processed by third parties (e.g. a frequent flyer programme or external booking web pages) if these third parties have received your consent for the transmission of your personal data.

The term “analyse” means that Austrian Airlines AG uses the aggregated data and, with the help of automated analysis models, calculates probabilities which form the basis for the selection of appropriate recommendations and offers for you.

Conducting this analysis enables Austrian Airlines AG to develop specific processes on its own websites with the intention of providing results customised for your personal preferences. An example of this might be a simplified booking process where your personal data are pre-entered and already displayed in the booking form. Or, you can elect to receive user-defined notifications before, during and after your flight with Austrian Airlines AG, such as gate changes, specific flight recommendations, information on baggage regulations as well as promotional and non-promotional offers for Austrian Airlines AG services (e.g. a seat reservation or a Business Class upgrade).

You can revoke your agreement to the analysis of your personal data at any time without specifying a reason. Please note that by revoking your agreement, your profile will automatically be deleted. Further information on revoking your agreement and the deletion of your profile is available in the section “Deletion or deactivation of an profile”.

2.2. Electronic communication

If you give your consent during the registration process, you will receive the corresponding and personalised information and offers from Austrian Airlines AG by e-mail as well. The analysis of your interests makes it possible for you to only receive e-mails which genuinely interest you. You can unregister from our newsletter at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link included in every e-mail you receive. Your use of the profile will not be affected or restricted in any way by unsubscribing from the newsletter.

3. Using the profile

You may only use the profile in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use and only for the above-mentioned purposes. In particular, the profile may not be used for commercial purposes and for the reproduction of the online services or other advertising content offered by Austrian Airlines AG, without the consent of Austrian Airlines AG.

4. Accurate and updated profile information

You can modify and update your personal information yourself at any time by going to Profile Settings. You are personally responsible for ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date.

5. Deletion and deactivation of an profile

You can cancel your profile registration at any time, without stating a reason. To cancel your registration, simply call our Guest Services at +43 5 1766 1001 or send an e-mail to

The profile will be deleted immediately after receipt of the notice of cancellation and can no longer be used.

Austrian Airlines AG reserves the right to deactivate or delete any profile in the event of a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use. Moreover, the functionality of the profile is subject to a process of continuous improvement. In such cases, Austrian Airlines AG reserves the right to implement improvements and amendments to the functionality or the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without prior notification. Should you not agree with the amendments to the functionality or to the Terms and Conditions of Use, a reasonable agreement period will be set, your profile will be deactivated during this period and then deleted if the deadline expires without your agreement.

Austrian Airlines AG further reserves the right to cease operation of the profile at any time. In this case, your profile will be deleted.

6. Linking a frequent flyer programme

You can add a frequent flyer programme offered by our partner airlines to your profile at any time during or after the registration process. You can find out who our partner airlines are during or after registration by using the drop-down menu. If you link a frequent flyer programme in this way, your frequent flyer number and PIN will also be processed, together with your personal data outlined above. Linking your profile with a frequent flyer programme is voluntary and thus always requires your agreement.

The link between an profile and a frequent flyer programme can only be closed by deleting the profile.

7. Transmitting personal data to third parties

The personal data you provided in your profile will only be transmitted to third parties (e.g. operating airlines) in the event of a successful flight booking, and solely within the scope of the fulfilment of contractual obligations to such third parties.

The transmission of personal data to domestic and foreign courts, authorities or other state institutions will only be carried out in accordance with applicable statutory requirements.

8. Review of payment transactions

Austrian Airlines AG reviews payment transactions in connection with flight bookings to prevent fraud and other improper use. For this purpose, Austrian Airlines AG uses both internal and external resources. If specific fraudulent activities are detected, Austrian Airlines AG reserves the right to share information, including personal data, with other companies within the Lufthansa Group.

9. Data security

Austrian Airlines AG implements technical and organisational data security procedures to protect your personal data against incidental and wilful manipulation, loss and destruction, or against access by unauthorised persons. Data security measures at Austrian Airlines AG are continuously evolving, to ensure our technical security procedures reflect the latest standards in technological development. At the same time, our staff at Austrian Airlines AG undergo data security and data protection training and are subject to organisational procedures designed for secure data processing.

10. User rights

You have the right to information on and the correction or deletion of stored personal data at any time.

An information request in writing, with proof of identity (scanned copy of an official photo ID), should be sent by e-mail to

Further information on the deletion of your profile is available in the section “Deletion or deactivation of an profile”.

You can update any incorrect personal data yourself at any time by going to Profile Settings in your profile.