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Ombudswoman System

White-collar crime should never be thought of as a victimless crime. It can do real damage to a company and its employees. For this reason, we would like to offer you a new service: an ombudswoman, as a point of contact for offences associated with white-collar (i.e. business-related) crime, or issues involving auditing or compliance. You can report violations easily and anonymously.

The ombudswoman provides a neutral, external point of contact with legal training who supports our company both in identifying white-collar crime and in taking appropriate measures to tackle it. As a lawyer, the ombudswoman is subject to a duty of confidentiality regarding the identity of the informant. If you go to her to report violations, it is up to you whether you wish to do so anonymously, or identify yourself. Your name will not be passed on to the company if you do not wish.

Please note: The ombudswoman does not carry out services to the customer. Complaints concerning flight and baggage irregularities or requests concerning bookings will not be processed or received nor will they be forwarded.