General Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Vouchers on the Internet

Correct as at: 01.11.2015

I. Purchase and Validity

1. These General Terms and Conditions of Business of Austrian Airlines AG shall apply to contracts relating to the purchase of vouchers on the internet.

2. It shall only be possible to purchase vouchers via Vouchers shall not be issued via ticket offices, ticket counters or travel agencies.

3. By registering on the website and ordering a voucher, the customer shall be submitting a binding offer to conclude a contract, which shall require acceptance by Austrian Airlines AG. Acceptance of the offer by Austrian Airlines AG shall be by its transmission of an e-mail as confirmation of the acceptance to the e-mail address given by the customer in the course of the ordering process.

4. Payment for a voucher shall be by means of a credit card accepted by Austrian Airlines AG. As soon as payment has been received in full by Austrian Airlines AG, a confirmation shall be sent to the e-mail address provided in the course of the order process. The e-mail shall contain a link. By going to this link, the customer shall be able to personalise the voucher and download it as a pdf file.

5. Vouchers shall be issued in euros.

II. Cancellation

The customer shall have the right to cancel the voucher purchase within 14 days without having to provide reasons for doing so. This deadline shall begin with receipt of the confirmation e-mail as a result of which the contract has been concluded.

Cancellation shall be sent in writing to:

Austrian Airlines AG
Office Park 2,
Postfach 100
1300 Wien-Flughafen

or by means of a contact form, to be found at

The form cited here can be used to perform the cancellation.

Sending the cancellation prior to expiry of the deadline shall be sufficient to meet the deadline. The right of cancellation shall cease, however, including prior to the expiry of the 14-day deadline, as soon as the voucher is redeemed, even if only in part.

If the cancellation is exercised, the respective payments received shall be deferred or returned. If the voucher purchase is cancelled, Austrian Airlines AG shall invalidate the voucher code given on the voucher and reimburse the value of the voucher.

III. Redeeming the voucher

1. The vouchers shall only be redeemable for flight bookings made directly via It shall only be possible to redeem the voucher directly at the time of making the booking, and it shall not be possible to settle the voucher subsequently.

2. It shall only be possible to use the vouchers for flight connections offered by Austrian Airlines AG at

3. It shall also be possible to use a voucher issued in euros for flights paid for in another currency. The exchange rate applicable at the time of making the booking shall apply in this case.

4. To redeem the voucher, the voucher code is to be entered in the field provided for this. This voucher amount shall then be deducted from the total gross amount of the booking.

5. If the value of the voucher is exceeded by a flight booking, then the residual balance shall be paid using the payment methods available. If the flight booking falls short of the value of the voucher, then the residual balance can be used in the next booking. To do this, the voucher code given on the voucher shall be necessary again. A new voucher for the residual balance is not issued. A cash payment is not possible.

6. If a payment made using a voucher (as well as other means) is reimbursed, then this reimbursement shall be to the value of the voucher used in the booking, by issuing a new voucher and sending this voucher to the e-mail address given when making the booking. A cash payment is not possible.

7. It shall be possible to enquire after the current value of a voucher by going to and phoning the Call Center.

8. The General Terms and Conditions of Transportation of Austrian Airlines AG shall be applicable to all bookings in addition to these provisions.

IV. Liability restrictions, choice of law and place of jurisdiction

1. To safeguard against abuse, it is recommended that vouchers are kept in a place inaccessible to third parties. As the vouchers are not personalised, all that is required to redeem a voucher is to recognise a voucher code. Particularly if a voucher is transmitted, therefore, the previous owner of the voucher can continue to use the voucher code.

2. Austrian Airlines AG uses the voucher code to hold an internal account which the customer can access by means of the voucher code. Vouchers, whether they have been printed off or are in the form of an e‑mail, only have a declaratory character, and do not form the basis of any separate credit.

3. Austrian Airlines AG accepts no liability for erroneous details entered in the course of the registration or voucher purchase process at and for which Austrian Airlines AG is not responsible, particularly including typing errors, in the e-mail address, for instance.  In particular, Austrian Airlines AG will not issue a replacement voucher.

4. With the exception of injuries to life and limb, Austrian Airlines AG is only liable for damage caused as a result of gross negligence or intention on the part of Austrian Airlines AG or a person attributable to it. This shall also apply to the loss or theft of the voucher code.

5. Austrian Airlines AG shall not be liable for damage incurred by the customer due to a third party making bookings unlawfully by entering the correct voucher code.

6. It is agreed that Austrian law shall be applicable, to the exclusion of conflict of laws rules and the UN Sales Convention. In the case of any legal disputes whatsoever, it is agreed that the place of jurisdiction shall be the court in Vienna responsible for commercial matters.