Privacy Policy

Protecting your data takes top priority with us

Booking a ticket online? Applying for a job with us? Ordering our newsletter or checking in for your next flight online?

You are entrusting us with lots of personal data – which we will treat with the utmost of care, as the protection of privacy while handling personal data is our foremost concern in all our business processes.

By using our website you consent to given privacy policy.

Given privacy policy applies to this website only. The pages of this website may contain links to other providers within or without Austrian Airlines AG, to whom given Privacy Policy does not apply, and for which we consequently cannot assume liability.

For the technical and organizational implementation of given website we also make use of selected service providers, who are contractually obliged to process all data received only in accordance with our instructions.

Online Booking and Web Check-in

All personal data collected during visits on our websites will be processed in accordance with Austrian legislation valid at the time (Data Protection Act). All personal data will be encrypted before being transmitted into our booking or check-in system. If you are inactive on our website for longer than 20 minutes (online booking) or 30 minutes (web check-in), we will automatically log you out for reasons of security.

If you frequently book online, you can save your data in a profile – that way you do not need to re-enter it each time you visit. You can delete those data at any time. We will treat your details as strictly confidential and will not pass them on to third parties for commercial purposes.


所谓的““浏览器 Cookie””是一个小的文本文件,由网络服务器(例如, 的网络服务器)在您访问网站时发送到您的浏览器上。原则上,Cookie 不会为您的电脑带来危险,因为它们只是文本块而非可运行的程序。 

我们使用 Cookie 来查看网站浏览者的偏好,并据此优化网站设计以满足用户需求。如需查看所使用的浏览器 Cookie 概况、Cookie 的功能以及指定服务供应商,请点击此处。我们的 Cookie 最多在您的设备上保存 730 天。您使用此网站,即意味着您同意我们使用收集到的关于您的各种数据。 

您可以将您的浏览器设置为必须获得您的同意才能使用 Cookie,或始终拒绝在您的计算机上存储 Cookie。 

如果文件已存储,我们的网络服务器即可识别您的计算机。当您随后访问和切换需要您输入密码的功能时,使用 Cookie 意味着您能够节省需要花费的时间。通过这种方式,Cookie 帮助您更加方便地使用需要用户输入的网站。虽然原则上不使用 Cookie 也可以正常使用我们提供的服务,但我们不能保证没有错误情况发生。

第三方的 Cookie

某些网站上整合了来自其他供应商(如 Adition、Google、Facebook 和 Zanox)的内容及服务,这些内容及服务也可能使用 Cookie 和活动组件。我们不会对这些供应商的个人数据处理方式施加任何影响。 

我们可以帮助您拒绝出于在线营销目的的个人数据整合和分析。要进行上述设置,请点击此处。点击此处,您将触发浏览器 Cookie 存储。拒绝选项记忆在此 Cookie 中。如果您删除了浏览器 Cookie,您将需要再次点击进行选择。如果您也通过其他设备或网络浏览器访问我们的网站,您将需要在相关设备上再次选择拒绝。 

要详细了解相应的服务供应商如何处理您的数据,请参阅其网站。 如要删除已存储的浏览器 Cookie,您可以打开下列链接来检索您浏览器的说明: 

  • Chrome:
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  • Safari:

Use of Web Analysis Tools

Adobe Analytics

We use Adobe Analytics, in the Adobe Online Marketing Cloud, to host web data and information (‘data’). Adobe is an ASP (‘Application Service Provider’) which provides a service entitled Adobe Analytics for tracking and analysing customer websites. We use this service to analyse visits to our website, with the aim of understanding the needs of our customers and continuously improving the website and mobile app on the basis of these data. The data gathered are not connected with a specific person. Only anonymous, aggregated data are evaluated for statistical purposes during the web analysis.

To deactivate the gathering of data by Adobe Online Marketing Suite, please click here.


We use the analysis service ‘ClickTale’ on our website. ClickTale can log mouse clicks, mouse movements and scrolling behaviour. ClickTale then stores your form entries during the booking, enabling us to optimise the process. We use the information processed by ClickTale to continuously improve our website and design it to be more user-friendly.

To deactivate the gathering of data by ClickTale, please click here.

Collecting and Processing Personal Data

We save your personal data if you choose to share them with us for instance when registering, participating in a survey, entering a competition or placing a contract (e.g. flight trip).

Beyond that we analyze the visits on our website with the aim to better understand our customers' needs and, based on those findings, continuously improve the online platform. To this end we save the IP addresses of our visitors' Internet service providers by default. The IP address is not linked to an individual person. Within this web analysis we evaluate anonymous, aggregated data for statistical purposes only.

We use cookies to follow up on our visitors' preferences and to optimize the appearance of our websites.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Your personal data will only be disclosed to third parties if necessary for the completion of a contract or if you have consented to it beforehand. A consent once given can be revoked at any time.

Links to other Websites

Our website may contain links to other websites. Please note that we cannot exert any influence on other websites and therefore cannot be held responsible for the protection and confidentiality of the data you share when visiting such websites.


我们保留查看付款交易的权利,以防止交易欺诈或对交易信息的其他欺诈性使用。因此,我们可能会使用内部或外部资源。若怀疑和/或发现欺诈活动,我们进一步保留向汉莎集团旗下其他子公司(包括其他奥地利航空、欧洲之翼、德国之翼、布鲁塞尔航空、瑞士全球航空 [SWISS Global Air Lines AG]、雪绒花航空 [Edelweiss Air AG]、瑞士国际航空 [SWISS International Air Lines AG] 和飞常里程汇有限责任公司 [Miles and More GmbH])传输信息(包括个人数据)的权利,且此等子公司可出于各自目的查看这些数据。

Data Transmission to Foreign Authorities

The collection and transmission of personal data to government authorities and national agencies will only be done under legal provisions applicable at the time.

Please note that all data you provide during a booking may be subject to transmission. For more details, complaints or data information please feel free to contact us on telephone number +43 5 17661000 (at local rates within Austria, Mon-Sun, public holidays 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.) or via our contact forms.

Austrian Airlines
Office Park 2
P.O.Box 100
1300 Vienna Airport

APIS data (Advance Passenger Information System)

In many countries aviation companies are legally or officially obliged to transmit passenger data before the arrival of the aircraft in the country of destination, if your destination airport or a connecting airport is situated in such country. Those legal provisions as a rule include the transmission of data of identification and travelling documents (passport, visa) of all passengers aboard. As we normally do not have those data, they need to be collected until shortly before departure. This is more and more done by means of the „machine-readable section“ of modern travelling documents. The collection of data exclusively serves the purpose of direct transmission to the authorities of the country of destination. <´/p>

Secure Flight

In accordance with the regulations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) you are obliged to state your full name, date of birth and sex for the purpose of Watch List Screening under 49 U.S.C. section 114 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 and 49. C.F.R. parts 1540 and 1560. If available, you may also enter your redress number. In case you do not state your full name, date of birth and sex, you may be denied transportation or the right to enter the boarding area. Within its publicized documentation system the TSA may exchange the data you provided with correctional facilities, intelligence services and other organizations. For more on TSA privacy policies, or to review the system of records notice and the privacy impact assessment, please see the TSA Web site at

Entering a contact person

In accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 (Regulation No 996/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 on the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation and repealing Directive 94/56/EC) we offer you the possibility to enter a contact person’s name, phone number or email address on our homepage, to be contacted in case of an aircraft accident. Those data will be solely used for such purpose and be deleted after the last flight you took. Please note that those data are not linked to your booking and will have to be re-entered in case of a change of booking.


We save your name and email address in order to send you regular information – if requested. To unregister from our newsletter you may click on the "unsuscribe" link at the bottom of the email or contact us at

You will not receive any further items as of then. We will not share your personal data with third parties.

Austrian Career Cockpit

Via the Austrian Career Cockpit you can send us your online application directly or request interesting job offers to be sent to you by email. For this service you will need to create a profile containing your personal data. We will treat your details in strict confidentiality and will not pass them on to third parties. You can delete your profile or your online application at any time. To do so, please send an email to

Data Security

We take technical and organizational safety measures to protect the data you put at our disposal against incidental or wilful manipulation, loss, deletion or unauthorized access. Our safety measures are continuously being improved following new technological developments. Data processing and transmission are done using SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Your personal data are being stored at the servers of in Germany (Frankfurt).

mySelfie App

mySelfie APP was programmed for the purpose of capturing Austrian moments and statements of our employees.

The participant grants Austrian Airlines a global, transferrable and non-exclusive right of exploitation and usage to the transferred entry and content (e.g. text, photographs) until revoked. Austrian Airlines can use the pictures for external and internal communication purposes. Austrian Airlines can reject content from participants at any time.

Every participant remains personally responsible for his/her content. The participant guarantees Austrian Airlines that he or she will not submit any entries or content whose provision, publication or usage breaches applicable law or violates the rights of third parties. It is explicitly prohibited to post entries which are racist, pornographic, inhuman, offensive or transgress standards of public decency. The participant guarantees that the transferred content does not violate any rights of third parties (especially copyrights). The participant is obliged to hold free and indemnify Austrian Airlines and its employees and partners with regard to justified claims resulting from the publication of its entry or its content.

If you would like to revoke your permission, please send your picture and the revocation to

Right to Information

Upon request we will inform you whether or not your personal data have been stored with us, respectively what kind of data those are. Should the information stored be false despite our efforts to maintain accuracy and currentness of data, we will correct the data upon your request.

You have the right to information on and the correction or deletion of stored personal data under the provisions of the Austrian Data Protection Act (in particular §§ 26 – 28 DSG 2000) at any time.