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Austrian Prepaid Card

The European Union has established passenger rights that entitle passengers to receive compensation payment in certain cases (see Passenger Rights). In order to create a customer friendly solution, the Austrian Airlines Group has implemented the Austrian Prepaid Card to replace previous cash payments. The Austrian Prepaid Card enables passengers to withdraw their compensation payments at the cash dispenser or to use the card directly at the cash point.

How to use the Card?

Withdrawing cash from ATM machines

  • Select the language you require
  • Enter your PIN code
  • Choose the option "Withdrawal from Checking" (where applicable)
  • Enter the amount required
  • Confirm the amount

Making a payment at a merchant outlet

  • Select the language you require
  • Enter your PIN code
  • Confirm the amount of the purchase

Here you can view your recent transactions and remaining balance by entering your internet access code: Online Balance Inquiry

The balance of your card is quoted in Euro. In case of cash withdrawals or cashless payments in countries which are not members of the European Monetary Union, the applicable amount of foreign currency will be calculated at the daily exchange rate.

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Where to use the Card?

You can withdraw cash at over 950.000 ATM machines around the world. The card is also accepted by over 7 million merchant outlets in Austria and 120+ other countries. ATM machines and participating merchant outlets feature the Maestro logo.