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Download your own personal newspaper before flight

With eJournals you can choose from a variety of daily newspapers and latest edition of magazines. Regardless of where and when you are departing, you always get the latest issue of your favourite newspaper.

You can easily download them to your smartphone, tablet or laptop before your flight. In this way you have your travel reading before, during and after your flight with you at all times.

How to find your personal newspaper?

And this is how it works

  1. Access the ejournals media box. In the media box you will always find the latest edition of your favourite newspaper or magazine.
  2. Click on the cover and confirm the download to your portable device.
  3. Use your free download volume at once or step by step up to 3 days after departure.

myAustrian Holidays

eJournals for myAustrian Holidays flights are available as of 24 hours before departure via myAustrian Holidays Web Check-in. Access myAustrian Holidays Web Check-in now!

Tips for your download

How fast is the download

As we are providing newspapers and magazines in high resolution quality, downloading might take some time. For this reason, we recommend using a WLAN connection or a Hotspot, especially if you want to download more than one item.

How many downloads do you have?

The number of your own personal free downloads depends on your class of travel and your frequent flyer status. Every Austrian Airlines passenger can at least download one newspaper or one magazine free of charge.

You need more downloads?

You have consumed your entire free download volume? No problem, you can easily purchase for more in our eKiosk. Here you can buy newspapers and magazines, even if you don't have a flight.