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CO2 offsetting with Austrian Airlines

Your personal contribution to climate protection

CO2 emissions are unavoidable in air travel. That's why we've been working for years now on a wide range of measures to constantly reduce our CO2 emissions. Protecting the environment is a key concern for Austrian Airlines!

Now you can join us and our partner Climate Austria in making your own personal contribution to climate protection:

Neutralise the carbon footprint resulting from your trip and actively support selected climate protection projects! When you make your online booking, Climate Austria's CO2 calculator quantifies the impact your flight will have on the environment and suggests an amount that will precisely neutralise your carbon footprint. The suggested amount is intended as a guide – your donation is completely voluntary and the amount is entirely up to you! It has no influence on the price of your flight ticket.

Use the CO2 calculator to work out your personal carbon footprint and read more about Climate Austria and our selected climate protection projects (in German).