Boeing 777-200 ER

Seat Plan Boeing 777 NoItem

Seatmap Boeing 777-200 ER

Type of aircraft Long-haul passenger aircraft
Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, Seattle, USA
Names - Austrian Airlines painting Sound of Music (OE-LPA), Heart of Europe (OE-LPB), Dream of Freedom (OE-LPC), Spirit of Austria (OE-LPD), Blue Danube (OE-LPE)
Number of aircraft 5
Seating capacity 48C / 260Y, total 308  | deviance OE-LPE: 48C / 264Y, total 312
Min. legroom C/44"=111,7cm, Y/31"/33"=78,7cm/83,82cm
Wing span 60.9 m
Length 63.7 m
Height 18.8 m
Max. cruising speed 1,030 km/h
Max. cruising altitude 13,100 m
Type of engine General Electric, GE 90-90 B
Max. thrust 2 x 90,000 lbs
Fuel capacity 135,880 kg
Max. range full payload 6,200 NM, 11,500 km
Max. payload 61,600 kg
Max. take-off weight 294,835 kg
Max. landing weight 208,652 kg
360 degree view of the Austrian Airlines Boeing 777