Terms & Conditions of travel using a subscription-ticket

Subscription tickets (also referred to in this text and elsewhere as "Abo Tickets" or "Abos") are purchased via the AirManager.

Should you have any queries regarding Abos, please do not hesitate to contact the Service Center +43 5 1766 1003 or e-mail us via our contact forms.

Purchase of Abo Tickets

After paying the appropriate amount, the Abo Ticket can be booked via the AirManager. Prior to every booking, the current status of Abo Tickets purchased to date is displayed in AirManager.

Validity, Rebooking and Refunding of Abo Tickets

The Abo Ticket is only valid on the route purchased. It is not possible to change route.

Conditions for Subscriptions Condition per Coupon
Validity 1 year from purchase date of Abo Ticket package*
1 year from ticket issue date*
Period of Travel 1 year from ticket issue date*
Rebooking possible free of charge at all times
Cancellation possible free of charge prior to departure – the coupon is credited to the balance of your account
not possible after departure
Refund not possible

*Abo Tickets to Innsbruck and Klagenfurt are valid for 2 years


Should charges or public dues (examples include security or airport charges) increase during the term of the subscription, Austrian Airlines is entitled to demand the remaining amount, as the conveyance obligation no longer exists otherwise.

Validity of Subscriptions

Abo Coupons are only valid on Austrian Airlines Group flights. The user has the option to redeem Abo Coupons for one-way or return flights.

The subscription can be used within a corporate body (in the sense of a legal entity) by the members of the corporate body in question. Companies, associations, universities, authorities, etc. are considered to be corporate bodies.

The following are considered to be members of a corporate body:

  • at companies: all employees
  • at associations: regular employees and functionaries travelling on behalf of the association
  • at universities: university staff; - at chambers and authorities: regular employees and functionaries travelling on behalf of the chamber or authority in question

The transfer and usage of subscriptions beyond the above-mentioned group of beneficiaries is prohibited and will result in the cancellation of the subscription reduction (by means of a supplementary payment to the valid standard fare) and the loss of entitlement to buy other subscriptions.

Data transfer – Declaration of Consent

The client gives his consent to the booking data (name, ticket number, price, address and routing) being transferred from Austrian Airlines to AirPlus for accounting purposes.

AirPlus Insurance

The AirPlus conditions of insurance apply to every purchase of an Abo Ticket.

  • Insurance cover is valid during journeys on which the destination is at least 50 km distance from the place of residence or place of work of the person travelling.
  • Travel from the place of residence to the place of work does not count as a journey. A secondary place of residence is equated with the place of residence, and travel from the place of residence to the secondary place of residence also does not count as a journey.
  • The insurance cover begins when the traveller leaves the place of residence, secondary place of residence or place of work and ends with the return to that place or the prior expiry of the insurance, although by midnight Central European Time 90 days after the beginning of the journey at the latest.


  • accident insurance (accident, death and permanent disability 24 h / worldwide): EUR 150,000
  • traveller's baggage insurance: EUR 4,500


Where not specified otherwise, the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage apply.

Please note: Abo Tickets are booked in booking class C. Therefore there is no guaranteed booking for senators.