A very new Service for Passengers - myAustrian Messenger

You'll find it equally simple to connect with the new myAustrian Messenger Service, which is going online with immediate effect via Facebook Messenger. Whether you want to check flight availability, different fare conditions or get hold of that luggage information you're not quite sure about – with the new Messenger, you'll receive an answer to your question within seconds, no matter whether you're out on the road or sitting at home.

Please click here if you want to open the myAustrian Messenger on Facebook: https://www.messenger.com/t/AustrianAirlines.

And the best thing about it? The more information you bring in, the more intelligent myAustrian Messenger gets – because the system is constantly learning thanks to the feedback it gives you! That means you start to play a major role in the Austrian Airlines Community, by continuously optimising the new service according to your own needs and ideas.