Additional Baggage - the easy way to increase your free baggage allowance

Take the opportunity and use the easy way to increase your free baggage allowance.

Additional Baggage on European Routes

Within Europe, you have the possibility to increase your baggage allowance already at the time of flight reservation. The fee for an additional second baggage starts from EUR 75 (USD/CAD 100).

Passengers traveling with an Economy Light fare (hand luggage only) should consider that they need to buy a first baggage before booking an additional baggage.

Additional Baggage on Intercontinental Routes

On long- and medium-haul flights the additional baggage is offered automatically during the web check-in process. The Austrian Airlines web check-in opens from 47 hours before departure.

The fee for an additional baggage on intercontinental flights starts from EUR 150 (USD/CAD 200). When traveling to or from the United States the fee for an additional baggage will be EUR 75 (USD/CAD 100).

General Information

Please click here if you would like to know more about baggage at Austrian Airlines.

General Note: Please make sure that your luggage does not exceed the specified dimensions: 1 piece with a max. of 23 kg and max. 158 cm in width, height and depth. Otherwise it will be charged as excess baggage.