Star Alliance European Airpass

Discover our Star Alliance European Airpass  

Travel is in conjunction with our transatlantic flights from New York or Washington DC, to Vienna. You purchase flight coupons to make various connections to or from selected carriers flights within Europe. Call 1-800-843-0002 for details, reservations and ticketing.

  •  Purchase a minimum of three and a maximum of ten coupons.
  • Maximum stay is 90 days.
  •  Coupons are priced based on mileage between destinations.
  • You design the itinerary before you travel, but your trip can still be flexible. For example, only the first leg of your journey requires a reservation at the time of ticket purchase. Subsequent reservations may be changed without penalty if you keep to the same itinerary or you can reroute for a processing fee. For example, say you have planned to go from Vienna to Paris to Amsterdam and back to Vienna. You have planned to stay in Paris three days, but once there, you decide to stay longer. You may change the date of travel without penalty. Should you decide to go to Amsterdam before Paris, you will have to pay a small rerouting fee.