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Take a vacation and fly with Austrian Airlines to Stuttgart and have an experience you will never forget! The iconic South-German city of Stuttgart has an amazing assortment of activities and places to see. The city defines the whole urban region, and in such a center, you are sure to find plenty of activities to spend your vacation. The city has many museums and buildings chronicling the rich history of the region. Visit the Stiftskirche church, and Schillerplatz square. Take a stroll in one of many beautiful parks or in the Wilhelma Zoo or enjoy the cultural experience of the State Opera house, or visit the vineyards on the steep banks of the Neckar river flowing through Stuttgart. Whether you are young or old, single or with a family, Stuttgart is the destination for you!

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Fokker 100

Fokker 100 side view Fokker 100 seats
Type of aircraftShort- & medium-haul passenger aircraft
Names - Austrian Airlines paintingRiga, Tirana, Skopje, Zagreb, Yerevan, Minsk, Prague, Bratislava, Timisoara, Vilnius, Odessa, Krasnodar, Dnepropetrovsk, Chisinau, Krakow (Star Alliance painting)
Number of aircraft15
Seating capacity100 C/Y (variable)
Min. Legroom30"=76.2cm
Wing span28,1 m
Length35,5 m
Height8,5 m
Max. cruising speed820 km/ h
Max. cruising altitude10.900 m
Type of engineRolls- Royce, RR Tay Mk 620-15
Max. thrust2 x 15,100 lbs
Fuel capacity10,700 kg
Max. range fully payload2,000 km
Max. payload10,200 kg
Max. take-off-weight44,450 kg
Max. landing weight39,915 kg

Bombardier Q400

Bombardier Q400 side view BOmbardier Q400 seats
Type of aircraftShort- & medium-haul passenger aircraft
ManufacturerBombardier Regional Aircraft Div.
Names - Austrian Airlines paintingOE-LGA "Kärnten" | OE-LGB "Tirol" | OE-LGC "Land Salzburg" | OE-LGD "Steiermark" | OE-LGE "Oberösterreich" | OE-LGF "Niederösterreich" | OE-LGG "Budapest" | OE-LGH "Vorarlberg" | OE-LGI "Eisenstadt" | OE-LGJ "St. Pölten" | OE-LGK "Burgenland" | OE-LGL "Altenrhein" | OE-LGM "Villach" | OE-LGN "Gmunden" | OE-LGO | OE-LGP "Spirit of Alpbach" | OE-LGQ | OE-LGR
Number of aircraft18
Seating capacity76 C/Y (variable)
Min. Legroom30"=76.2cm
Wing span28,42 m
Length32,83 m
Height8,34 m
Max. cruising speed665 km/h
Max. cruising altitude7,600 m / 25,000 ft
Type of enginePratt & Whitney 2 PW 150A
Max. thrustShaft horse power 2 x 5000 SHP
Fuel capacity5,318 kg
Max. range fully payload1,500 - 1,630 km
Max. payload10,900 kg
Max. take-off-weight28,998 kg
Max. landing weight28,009 kg


Flight number from to dep. arr. operating days travel duration validity Plane
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  • Sa
  • Su
OS 177 VIE STR 06:05 07:20
  • -
01:15 29.08.2016 - 29.10.2016 E95 Book
OS 183 VIE STR 14:15 15:35
  • -
01:20 02.09.2016 - 28.10.2016 E95 Book
OS 187 VIE STR 16:25 17:40
01:15 28.06.2016 - 29.10.2016 100 Book
OS 179 VIE STR 19:05 20:20
  • -
01:15 22.06.2016 - 28.10.2016 E95 Book

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SIGHTS in Stuttgart

Sights in Stuttgart

It's been a lot of work, the new playhouse in Stuttgart. As early as August 2010 the leading state theatre has started to strip down the old stage machinery including the auditorium and foyer. They got rid of more than 250 tons of steel, the mentioned areas have been completely gutted. Re-opening: June 2013.   When the view in the auditorium is impaired one needs a steeper floor. Preferably a parquet floor and not a linoleum covered floor. Et voilá they say in the playhouse, topped up and exchanged! More than 160 seats were too much - that now got knocked out! For an improved acoustic. Parts of the foyer got a new stone floor and a new illuminated ceiling, the natural facade was thoroughly cleaned. In addition they built three double-deck podiums and installed a revolving stage. For even more art appreciation! Bravo!


Even if they are more and more often selected as landmarks or super sights, you don't really have to go up every television tower pointed out to you. In Stuttgart, however, you should definitely make the trip, since it's the first television tower that was built in the world. The pride of every Stuttgart resident is 217 metres high and has been sitting there since 1956. For 5 euros you may take the yellow lift to go up to the panorama platform. which is located at a height of 152 metres. The ride takes merely 44 seconds.   The view over the city and the vineyards is beautiful, the restaurant less so. Apparently they relied on the surrounding view to provide a sense of beauty and style. The food, however, is surprisingly good and affordable.

Solitude Palace

The Schloss Solitude (Solitude Palace) is worth a visit simply because of its location on the heights southwest of Stuttgart, opening up to a magnificent view of the landscape. It was built on behalf of Duke Carl Eugen, between 1763 and 1769. The castle is the magical centre of a grand complex that is considered an impressive example of the late rococo.   Visitors can explore the inside of the castle throughout the year as part of guided tours, and they do this in great numbers: Stroll through the banquet rooms, the white hall, the music room and the meeting room, and visit the Duke's apartment to get in idea of how noblemen used to live their private lives. Carl, for example, liked to relax in the marble hall and the palm tree room. The ceiling paintings by Nicolas Guibal as well as the frescoes in the basement are particularly interesting.   In 1990, the Academy Solitude Palace has moved into the officer and cavalier buildings. The academy offers apartment-studios to young artists and hosts a number of events that promote aspiring young artists at the interface between the arts and sciences.

SHOPPING in Stuttgart

Shopping in Stuttgart

Breuninger is known in Stuttgart as a fashion and lifestyle brand. Since last autumn the long-established company can be proud of additional 2,000 square metres for shoes in the flagship store on the Marktstraße. But let's take one at a time!   In 1881 Eduard Breuninger opened his first store on the Münzstraße in Stuttgart. With a little sensation: he begins with a clearance sale. Eight years later the next surprise: the employees are allowed to take off Sundays - quite unusual for that time. Also holidays are to be introduced. 70 years later the next Breuninger vision follows: the Stuttgart company is the first company in Europe who would allow cashless payments via debit card. In addition, Heinz Breuninger installs a kindergarten for his customers as well as a garage and several restaurants. In 2006 the above-mentioned flagship store opens in order to display - six years later on the lower ground - high heels, flats and sneakers - 250 brands altogether. That's lived innovation that we like!


If you get a new outfit in the Weltenbürger (citizen of the world), you might as well just have come back from looting flea markets in New York. The shop is dedicated to American fashion, however, that of yesterday, or more precisely from the time between 1950 and 1990. Are you looking for Alice-Cooper shirts, like Boho dresses and Members Only jackets? How lucky you are: The shop's owner, Bryan Sanderson, has collected all of that for you. Be inspired by what you see: Bryan calls his concept fashion laboratory and asks his customers to experiment with the clothes. Boys' and girls' corners? Forget it. You will see whether or not it fits, says the vintage expert. The owner is a world's citizen himself, and his temporary shop might disappear as fast as it has sprung up. Tip: Great finds are always welcome. If you have got any chic retro clothes yourself you can swap or sell them here.


Sichtbar (visible) helps you to keep everything in perspective and look great at the same time: In the purist and stylishly designed shop you only find selected pieces, and many of the glasses have come in directly from one or the other trendy fashion week. Sichtbar not only promises the latest trends but also keeps its promise. The labels are national and international - a good mix. They include: Dsquared, Oliver Goldsmith, IC!Berlin, Mykita, Marni, Oliver Peoples, Paul Frank, REIZ, Robert La Roche, Tom Ford. And if you have perfect eyesight, don't be sad - there's a huge selection of sunglasses, too.   You won't just find the perfect advice when it comes to style, the optician's team, too, is extremely capable and has an individual solution for every desire. Custom-made designs are part of the standard programme. Tip: For the lovely little ones you can get the wonderfully colourful glasses by Bbig.

EAT in Stuttgart

Eat in Stuttgart
Wine tavern

The Bohnenviertel (beans district) is the oldest and perhaps most charming neighbourhood of Stuttgart. Although some things have changed here, you'll still find three very original wine taverns - in the rustic restaurant "Zur Kiste" (At the box). Whence the name? We don't know. Maybe because almost everything here is made of wood, because the three little taverns are stacked like boxes onto one another, or because there is so little space that you almost feel like you are stuck in a box. Never mind, it only makes it more cosy.   As a base for the wine you get Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli), meat fritters or briskets of beef. The wine is slightly overpriced, in order to sell more of the beer from the in-house brewery. However, if you come for the traditional Viertelesschlotzen (Swabian vernacular for drinking quarters of wine), you might have to bite the bullet. In any event, you are not alone: There are artisans, politicians, professors, directors, artists, the talkative and the quiet.

Épicerie fine

Cornelia and Gert Habener, the owners of the épicerie fine, love France; so much so that they apparently had a hard time coming to terms with Swabian cooking. So they started to import treats and ingredients from France. What they make from it? Croissants, cheese platters, ratatouille or entrecôte. The lunch menus for about 10 euros are particularly popular, and all of Stuttgart comes here to celebrate French cuisine. Who's surprised? The cuisine is light but excellent, and the carefully chosen glass of wine is a blessing.   The shop is located in a former bakery, which was renovated and radiates in its renewed old charm. The guests cannot help but enjoy life and devote themselves to the most beautiful things in life: eating, drinking, music, talking, laughter, art - in short, everything that sweetens one's life. Come for the petit déjeuner, than you'll know exactly what we mean: The épicerie fine is a piece of Paris in the middle of Stuttgart.

Punto fisso

Have you had enough of Maultaschen? Then grab a pizza for a change. That is one of those perfect pizzas that far extend beyond the edge of the plate. True Italy lovers will even pass over the yummy pizzas and go for vitello tonnato, saltimbocca, crostini or scallopine. Lovely!   Punto Fisso is more than a pizzeria, it's a trendy meeting spot for the young and old, for bobos and the creative class, for students and the alternative, for the babbler and taciturn - and it has been for 16 years now. The ristorante is authentic, a trattoria that also works as a pub. In summer time it's simply wonderful to sit in the garden watching people and eating. You can talk about anything here, the funny, the melancholic, the philosophical and the banal. And nowhere does a glass of wine taste better than here.

STAY in Stuttgart

Stay in Stuttgart
Arcotel Camino

Once people splashed in the water where now there is an extravagant hotel. The building of the former bathhouse complex is listed, and so the façade continues to look like the original from 1890: It was renovated with a great sense of style, combining old with new elements.   The highlights of this elegant house are the crystal chandeliers in the lobby and the classy, modern bathrooms. The industrial designer Harald Schreiber is responsible for this perfect blend between the chic and functional.   The heart of the house is the restaurant Weissenhof, and the soul the bar Scala. The Weissenhof offers a creative combination of Austrian and Swabian cuisine that is of the highest standards, and in the Scala you can kiss every day goodnight - which is why it's popular not only with hotel guests but also other visitors. Doubles start at 80 euros a night.

Motel One

Classy ambiance, nice atmosphere and yet... it is a motel, after all. However, one of the most elegant far and wide. It is not surprising that the Motel One is relatively affordable, despite its stylish design: The rooms are not exactly spacious, and obviously the bathroom is also quite small, so that the sink had to go and was built into the desk. Or is that simply a crazy design idea? Whatever: Motel One is a friendly and affordable alternative for your city tour, which you won't primarily spend in your hotel room, anyway.   Unfortunately, the hotel is located at the much travelled Heilbronn Road, yet inside you will hardly worry about street noise. Rain shower, flatscreen TV, workspace. All of it in elegant white and granite, with a splash of turquoise here and there. Doubles start at 79 euros a night.

Hotel Riehle

Don't feel like too many knick-knacks? Welcome to the Pension Riehle. Here you live in one of the 32 rooms that can safely describe as functional but comfortable. A bed, a table, a chair, wooden floor, skylights, airy curtains. The inn is perfect for guests who appreciate a cosy and down-to-earth environment and don't need any extravagances to have a nice holiday. The location is great for culture lovers, since it's only a brush stroke away from the Stuttgart State Gallery. This can be very handy, because if you want to really do justice to the collections of paintings, sculptures, and graphic design, you'll have to visit the museum several times. Attention: Not all rooms have an en-suite bathroom. Doubles start at about 48 euros a night.