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Flights from Nice to Salzburg


Mozartkugeln and Salzburg’s Alleyways
Austria23_300From its Mozartkugeln through to its epochal buildings and fairytale flair, Salzburg is a very special part of Austria. So this year, experience Christmas in Salzburg and take off with us to the famous city that gave the world Mozart!
Autumn in Austria: four of the loveliest and most enjoyable regions
© Donau Niederösterreich / www.extremfotos.comHardly is summer over than things really get going in these parts: autumn and the harvest season is very special in Austria, and can be enjoyed and celebrated throughout the country.Today we show you four parts of Austria always worth seeing and experiencing during the golden season.
myAustria, myHome
228Austria is more than the world knows about us. It’s the quirks that make us. It’s the habits we love so much. The moments which make us happy. No matter where we are and where we come from: Austria is what connects us. With the initiative myAustria, we wanted to show what Austria is for […]

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