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Many travelers fly with Austrian Airlines to visit Stockholm, the Swedish capital, because of its natural beauty. Once called the "Venice of the North", the city is located on 14 islands. The water is so clean, you can both swim and fish right in the heart of town. Stockholm also offers boat tours, live music and shrimp buffets. Stockholm has an array of parks and fascinating museums, a rich cultural life and many excellent restaurants. Set sail on a journey you will never forget with a cruise to the archipelago. Party on the ship with dancing in the discos and enjoy dining and live entertainment as you cruise the archipelago isles. Families, young couples, singles and party-goers all enjoy the activities aboard ship. Stockholm has a bit of everything for people of all ages and can be enjoyment for the whole family.

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

Worth knowing

  • Currency: Swedish krone(SEK)
  • Language: Swedish
  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Austrian flight destination: Stockholm

Airbus 320

Airbus 320 side view Airbus 320 seats
Type of aircraftShort- & medium-haul passenger aircraft
ManufacturerAirbus Industrie, France
Names - Austrian Airlines paintingOE-LBI/Marchfeld, OE-LBJ/Hohe Tauern, OE-LBK/Steirisches Thermenland, OE-LBN/Osttirol, OE-LBO/Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen, OE-LBP/Neusiedlersee (Retro-look painting), OE-LBQ/Wienerwald, OE-LBR/Bregenzer Wald, OE-LBS/Waldviertel, OE-LBT/Wörthersee, OE-LBU/Mühlviertel, OE-LBV/Weinviertel, OE-LBW/Innviertel, OE-LBX/Mostviertel (Star Alliance painting)
Number of aircraft16
Seating capacity168 C/Y (variable)
Min. Legroom30"=76.2cm
Wing span34,1 m
Length37,6 m
Height11,8 m
Max. cruising speed980 km/h
Max. cruising altitude11,920 m
Type of engineCFM International, CFM 56-5B4/2P
Max. thrust2 x 27,000 lbs
Fuel capacity19,100 kg
Max. range fully payload4,300 km
Max. payload16,790 kg
Max. take-off-weight75,900 kg / 77,000 kg
Max. landing weight64,500 kg


Flight number from to dep. arr. operating days travel duration validity Plane
  • Mo
  • Tu
  • We
  • Th
  • Fr
  • Sa
  • Su
OS 311 VIE ARN 05:45 08:00
02:15 08.06.2016 - 29.10.2016 E95 Book
OS 313 VIE ARN 11:55 14:15
02:20 08.06.2016 - 29.10.2016 320 Book
OS 317 VIE ARN 19:20 21:35
02:15 08.06.2016 - 28.10.2016 320 Book

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Stockholm – tips from our crews
© Richard RyanThe crews from Austrian Airlines also benefit from each others’ travel experiences. They collect their personal tips for their colleagues – and we wouldn’t dream of depriving you of that insider information! Today we want to let you share in the experiences of the crews and take a careful look at the tips for Stockholm.
The 10 Strangest Hotels in Europe – Part 2
V8Hotel - das Themenzimmer Route66 - in der MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart auf dem Flugfeld Boeblingen.Travel with a difference: today we tell you where you can spend the night in a cave, a sewage pipe – and even in prison, as we show you the second part of our latest redblog series, and drop by The 10 Strangest Hotels in Europe! To find the first part, just click here.



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Hotels in Stockholm

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STAY in Stockholm

Stay in Stockholm
Hotel Hellsten

Hotel Hellsten delivers a healthy mix of things from around the world, 19th century style meets flat screens, furniture from Asia meets Greek bathrooms, a Colonial-style meets bourgeois rooms in traditional Swedish style. Sounds strange, but it is not. The Hellsten has managed to design its interiors in such a way that this breach of styles is not even noticeable.   The advantage is you get the best of all worlds. Excellent service is the icing on the cake. The result is a warm Boutique Hotel that makes for an exciting stay, which can be nicely rounded off with a visit to the mini-gym and sauna. Double rooms from ?238.

Grand Hotel

We are kings. This is what the founders of Grand Hotels must have thought - or something like that - when they created the most elite of luxury hotels. Despite the pompous murals and ornate folding doors the Grand Hotel manages to avoid the Sissi Image and offers modern facilities above and beyond the needs of the old nobility. The Spa and fitness rooms are state-of-the-art, the restaurants score with Nouvelle Cuisine and the conference room features state-of-the-art equipment.   If you are looking for some of that old charm, look no further than a suite with a view of the king's palace - or book the Princess Lilian Suite. 330m2 provides ample space to fit a spa, a cinema - and even the biggest of egos. Bottom line: it is beautiful, a pleasure indeed. Double rooms at ?344.

Nordic Light

If you see red, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The Nordic Light Hotel plays chameleon and changes colour to suit the mood. Check into a mood room and have fun playing around with the lighting; use the mood-light-lamps to change colours - red for energy, blue for relaxation or maybe you want a rainbow of colours? Start a light show and find the colour that is right for you. Once you have finished your light therapy, call down to the wine cellar and savour the finest selection of American wines in all of Scandinavia. It will make the light show even more interesting. Double rooms from ?286.

SHOPPING in Stockholm

Shopping in Stockholm

Picture this,you walk into a shop, pick up an item and you do not have the slightest idea what it is meant to be. This could easily happen to you at Designtorget. Well, thankfully a doormat is still a doormat even here, but not all items are as easy to recognize. The hanging drink's holder, for instance - or this red, banana-shaped, plastic item whatever it may be. Particularly well disguised is the doorstopper that looks distinctly like a bottle opener.   Nonetheless, if you want to have a piece of design that's in tomorrow, you should go shopping at Designtorget today. Be assured that anything you get your hands on will be seriously trendy - and all the other shoppers are just as confused as you are about some of the items, just look around you. The Swedish are just better at pretending to be in the know. That banana - well, it turns out to be a snack box to fit, well, a banana.

Swedish Designers

10 Designers have achieved what cannot be done alone, combining their various textile designs under one roof. The result is a shop just as creative as its owners, featuring a variety of wallpapers, fabrics, ironing boards and toiletry bags -all embellished with colourful printed dots, waves and lines. The group do everything themselves - from drafting up a new design to marketing it. Have you spotted a design that looks familiar? It is possible. Two of the designers have already done work for IKEA. Not that you should be put off by that!


The shop is as marvelous as its clients. Only the top elite of fashionistas shop at Tjallamalla. And rightly so. People who step into this boutique are unrivalled in the style stakes. If you don't want to stand out amongst this type of clientele, make sure you look the business before you even start mingling.   Sure, you can find well-known designers like Acne Jeans and Ivana Helsinki here, but there are also those young wild designers who will make a break-through tomorrow but are still cheap today. The only downside to Tjallamalla is that it gets packed on the weekend. There are only three changing rooms so they are particularly busy. Those bound to you by marital law should expect a lengthy wait. However, if you can manage the wait, have a look at the shoes. Or bags. Or earrings. There is plenty to do.

SIGHTS in Stockholm

Sights in Stockholm
Magasin 3

Magasin 3 covers every topic of modernity: photographs, videos, installations and artwork by artists that aren't known well enough to be boring, but are known well enough for their art to make a difference. Always of interest is James Turell, an American light artist and experimentalist, as well as Truls Melin, whose sculpture "mental toughness" requires just that from those who look at it.   Apart from beautiful art, Magasin 3 offers regular debates with the artists, performances and a variety of different exhibitions by artists such as Tom Friedman or Sol Lewitt. If you are a fan of still life, you will be disappointed, but if you have your finger on the pulse of the artworld and think outside the box, this is the place for you.

Rådhuset Museum

Please come in! Right beneath the district offices of Stockholm, one of Europe's largest museums presents itself to the green-minded tube train driver with more than one hundred impressive art works - it's certainly the largest subterranean museum of the world.   The idea behind it: Stockholm's Schalter & Walter wanted to make art accessible to the city's inhabitants. Consequently, the walls of the most important junctions (T-Centralen) in the Stockholm subway system - which was built in 1950 - were embellished with mosaics and reliefs.   A ticket for the Stockholm subway suffices to drive along the subterranean, 110 kilometres long world full of sculptures, mosaics, paintings and reliefs. The art collection from 1950 to the present day presents works by more than one hundred artists.   If you don't want to spend your holidays completely in the underground, you should at least pay a visit to the stops Rådhuset, Fridhemsplan and Kungsträdgården to experience the symbiosis of creativity and transport.


Why does Pippi Longstocking still have such a great impact on millions of readers? Because she is the world's strongest girl? Because she is stinking rich? Because her father is the king of an island in the South Pacific? The answer is no. Pippi shapes the world to her liking. In addition to this, she is the forerunner of Doc Martens, an icon of punk and a cult figure. Junibacken was established in honour of Astrid Lindgren. It is a small amusement park for those who have remained young at heart, for young rebels.   There is a model of Pippi's villa, a children's bookshop and a story train that takes visitors right into the wonderous world of Astrid Lindgren. In the gallery, there is an exhibition of the three illustrators who have lovingly brought Karlsson and Pippi to life. By the time you leave, you will know that two times three is four.

EAT in Stockholm

Eat in Stockholm

The Swedish value tradition. The restaurant Stallmästaregården has been the dining location of former Queen Kristina hundreds of years ago - when it used to be a farm. Today the venerable building is a guest-house, the oldest in the bay of the Brunnsviken lake.   There's a charcoal grill in the kitchen of Stallmästaregården. And the restaurant even owns a smokebox - absolutely necessary for the mixture of traditionally Swedish and international dishes. That's why the Swedish restaurant guide White Guide and the Michelin Guide list Stallmästaregården in their rankings.   The restaurant is surrounded by the royal Haga park with the eponymous castle, the residence of Princess Victoria. Stockholm's city centre is not far away, and the chic bobo district Vasastan is right around the corner.

Svart Kaffe

The former darling of the clubbin-scene, Svart Kaffe is increasingly turning into the Laptop-Meeting point of Södermalm's chicest. Drum'n'Base hasn't completely gone (although now, it plays quietly in the background) and the fantastic sandwiches have also remained. Particularly tasty is a topping of Halloumi, pesto, olives and red onions. Another highlight is the take-away picnic basket with coffee and Pago juice - once you have got through all the questions: large or small, with or without meat, hot or cold, brown or white bread? Take our advice and make a note of your answers before you go up to the till and you will be very popular with the rest of the queue!


There are only two reasons why you would venture into the outskirts, the fashion centre K:fen and the promise of the best coffee in town. It is the combination that makes a winning recipe,the best of brands followed by the best macchiato.   If this is not enough to lift you to higher realms take the stairs. On the first floor Massagotti Restaurant cooks up the trinity of Italian cuisine, pasta, linguine and tortellini -and plenty of it! Add to that a varied wine list and an international Sunday brunch that will make your knees buckle. Anti-fast food at the Shopping Centre? Well this is something different - and the interior architecture isn't bad either.