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Paris is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in Europe and in the world. The capital of France is a leading tourist destination for an excellent reason: it has everything you could want to see or do. To fly with Austrian Airlines to Paris and explore a city rich with history, culture, and business leadership is a dream trip. The most famous landmarks are exceptional and still exciting today: the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe. Le Marais in the Right Bank district of Paris has architectural gems of historical homes. The Champ-Elysees is a garden promenade made famous by the French Impressionist painters. Add the opera, theatre, the Louvre, fashion, and of course French cuisine and you have, well, ooh la la! Paris has a four season climate. The winters rarely see much snowfall and the summers have few excessively hot days.

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

Worth knowing

Worth knowing

  • Currency: Euro(EUR)
  • Language: France
  • Capital: Paris
  • Austrian flight destination: Paris, Lyon, Nice

Airbus 321-111

Airbus 321-111 side view Airbus 321-111 seats
Type of aircraftShort- & medium-haul passenger aircraft
ManufacturerAirbus Industrie, France
Names - Austrian Airlines paintingSalzkammergut, Pinzgau, Südtirol
Number of aircraft3
Seating capacity200 C/Y (variable)
Min. Legroom30"=76.2cm
Wing span34,1 m
Length44,5 m
Height11,8 m
Max. cruising speed980 km/ h
Max. cruising altitude11.900 m
Type of engineCFM International
Max. thrust2 x 30,000 lbs
Fuel capacity19,000 kg
Max. range fully payload2,360 km
Max. payload21,100 kg
Max. take-off-weight83,000 kg
Max. landing weight75,000 kg


Flight number from to dep. arr. operating days travel duration validity Plane
  • Mo
  • Tu
  • We
  • Th
  • Fr
  • Sa
  • Su
OS 411 VIE CDG 06:05 08:15
02:10 27.06.2016 - 29.10.2016 321 Book
OS 415 VIE CDG 11:55 14:05
02:10 08.06.2016 - 29.10.2016 321 Book
OS 417 VIE CDG 16:20 18:25
02:05 08.06.2016 - 29.10.2016 321 Book

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Valentine´s Day Journey
„Der achte Jahrestag am Eiffelturm war super! Wir waren glücklicherweise in zehn Minuten oben, weil wir früh genug dran waren. Andrea war so bewegt von dem Gefühl über ganz Paris zu schauen, dass sie vor Freude geweint hat.“It couldn’t be more romantic! Right on time to celebrate their eighth anniversary, Viola and Andrea were off to Paris! They won the trip in an Austrian Airlines competition. And to say thank you, they sent us their best photos and told us about their Valentine’s Day journey.
5 reasons why Paris is the City of Love
Austrian AirlinesParis – the City of Love! But why is this, actually? We went looking for the most romantic spots and highlights of this beautiful city. Here are a few reasons why Paris fascinates us – especially when there are two of us to enjoy it.
Shopping in Europe: where to have the most fun
Klein, Fein, Originell: Amsterdams Läden laden zum Stöbern einBook a flight today, go hunting for bargains tomorrow: Europe’s cities are enough to make any shopping fan’s heart skip a beat! No matter if your thing is crazy souvenirs in London, original shops in Amsterdam, designer outlets in Milan or luxury shopping in Paris, there’s something for absolutely everyone. See for yourself!
Concerts in Europe: what you can’t afford to miss
Foto: Yoruno, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0Book a flight today, dance to the music of the global stars tomorrow: Europe’s capitals don’t just make the hearts of shopping fans miss a beat, they’re also an inspiration for music fans! Ever been to a rock concert in a church? Then what you are waiting for! Today we’re going to show you some of the best live music locations across Europe.



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Hotels in Paris

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Only a few weeks to go until your next holiday? If you haven’t quite made your mind up how you’re going to satisfy your wanderlust this year, try taking a look at myAustrian Holidays. You’ll find a wide selection of offers for your holiday in Greece, Spain or Italy.


EAT in Paris

Eat in Paris
Pink Flamingo

If you've had enough of haute cuisine and endless courses, then maybe it's high time for a pizza. The Pink Flamingo is brightly coloured, kitschy and has the ambience of a neighbourhood snackbar.   Even if you're not well known in the local area, you are always welcome here. The pizzas are tasty and creative and are named after well-known personalities like; La Basquiat, La Bjork and La Che. A nice idea is the picnick service. Just order your pizza and wine and the counter. Then take your pink balloon outside and find yourself a spot in the sun. The only restriction: you have to pick somewhere within sight of the pizzeria. But that shouldn't be a problem, as there are plenty of great places o the Canal Saint-Martin. As long as your balloon doesn't pop, your pizza should come to you. Hmmm!


Since 2007, the head chef Yannick Alléno has been decorated with three stars. The Ambience here is even deserving of a star itself. It is not often that you find a restaurant that is so kitschy yet so tasteful in style. Between the marble, gold detail and the ceiling frescos there is one particularly noble detail: there's a small stand next to every chair to respectfully cater for ladies handbags, so that the all-important item mustn't touch the floor or hang off the back of the chair. The kitchen is outstanding, there are set menus and also à la Carte dishes to be chosen. The wine list is exquisite, even the selection of open wines is sure to impress. There's an interesting surprise for a restaurant of this class: there's even a children's menu. Hot tip: the best tables are in the conservatory.


The crystal room in the Baccarat building is simply breathtaking and the waiting list is as long as the grandiose dining table from Phillipe Starck. The villa in which the restaurant is found belongs to a certain Madame de Noailles, who is close friends with Luis Bunuel and also a heiress of Marquis de Sade. The chandeliers are the only thing here to remind guests of yesteryear. Otherwise, modern designers such as Yves Savinel and Gilles Rozé have been allowed to take the restaurant design in new directions. The décor, which is composed mainly of mirrors and glass, provides a perfect playground for incidental light. However, this restaurant doesn't just rely on the laurels of the designers, but boasts a fantastic menu from the kitchen-god Guy Martin.


Shopping in Paris
Clown Montmartre

Your inner child will jump for joy when you enter the Clown Montmartre. The shop is packed full of masks, frippery, fake beards, yellow teeth, crazy hats, deadly wounds, wigs and anything else that can change a person in relatively short period of time. It's not just those with childish minds that come here, but also well-known stylists.If you're still lost for an idea, then come here and you are guaranteed to find something for the next fancy dress party. There are 4000 outfits, ranging from the King of Rock'n'Roll to King Kong and many, many others. And with a bit of creativity, you can also put together your own outfit with affordable accessories.


We know it all too well: Jeans are the best fashion investment you can make. When you find the right pair, you can be sure that you've got a reliable partner for every moment in life. Maybe you will find the right one at RWD? The French jeans lable attempts to support you with their wide range of quality jeans.   The potential two-legged companions are presented in the neat 150m2 flagship store. But the store couldn't be any smaller, considering that every model comes in all eleven washes. A tip: Jump in your new jeans and go around the block twice. The store is in the middle of a young and trendy district near the Bastille. And stay for a coffee.


To browse through a fleamarket in Paris should be on your list of things to do. A fleamarket that consistently pulls a young and hip crowd is the fleamarket at the Porte de Vanves. With a bit of luck you might even find a few weird and wonderful items here. Rare items are less likely to be found, but small finds with the licence to become personal treasures are waiting to be found. Think art-deco tables, chairs from the 50's and old prints. And it continues around the corner at the Place des Artistes. Local heroes from the local art scene put their produce up for sale. Leave enough time for this Parisian diamond in the rough, as time flies when you're browsing in the sun.

SIGHTS in Paris

Sights in Paris

A walk up a little alley way and you're at the stairs of the Sacré Coeur. Be careful here. Amongst the souvenir dealers there are also dodgy games of luck and tricky theives out there to make a quick buck. To the right of the Sacré Coeur park is the museum of more naive art. The Basilique de Sacré Coeur is positioned 130m above the city and was built out of brilliant white limestone. The Saint-Pierre-de-Montmartre church is unjustifiably found in the shadow of the Sacré Coeur. Founded in the year 1133, the building is an absolute gem. The Place de Tertre is the former town square turn meeting point for artists and tourists alike. Just around the corner, you will find the Musée Dalí, which pays homage to the artist who, just like Toulouse Lautrec, Pablo Picasso and Pierre-Auguste de Renoir, spent time in the artist's quarter of Montmarte. Further down the road is the Rue des Saules, where the Au Lapin Agile is to be found - the most famous cabaret in the city. World-famous artists like Apollinaire and Lautrec used to regularly come here for a drink. Even Picasso was a regular here, and once paid for his bill with a painting, that is worth millions today. Take the time to stroll through the steep alleyways surrounding the Montmarte and soak in the atmosphere of this enchanting quarter.

Fête de Ganesh

The yearly Fête de Ganesh is one of the most colourful events in Paris. Every year in August little India gets into party mode and showcases its culture in the French capital. The celebrations start after a religious ceremony at the Sri Manicka Vinayakar Alayam Temple.   Parisians, commuters and tourists come from all corners of the city to witness this spectacle at the 18th Arrondissement. Active participants dance through the streets with figures of Ganesha decorated with colourful fruits and flowers and smash coconuts on the pavement. There's Indian music, dancers in traditional dress and street artists.   The ceremony takes place annually in August.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is an absolute must! You have to witness this cultural centre at least from the outside. The fascinating blue stems from the pens of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers and won the covetted 2007 Pritzker prize. If you take the time to visit the inner halls of the building, then you will be rewarded with the most innovative cultural program the city has to offer. It's all about contemporary art; encompassing theater, music, visual arts, film and literature.   Access to the rooftop terrace is also included in the entry rpices. Through the transparent pipes, escalators take you all the way to the top level at a height of 35 metres. Sounds high? The view is well worth the trip!

STAY in Paris

Stay in Paris
Hotel Lumen

The ideal location in the 1st arrondissement is reserved for the finest hotels. All the more delightful, considering the Louvre is only a stone's throw away from this modern yet affordable hotel.   Behind the completely renovated Haussmann-façade of the Lumen lies stylish design and a cosy lounge bar with a remarkable restaurant. The Swiss designer placed great emphasis on the enticing lighting, which prominantly places the sophisticated furnishings in the scene. Let yourself be enchanted by the light of day and relax in the melancholic glow of the candles at night. Double rooms are available from 200 euros.

Hotel Particulier

Once upon a time there was a princess, and if she hasn't passed with the time, then she would be probably still be here. Even to this day, in the hotel-castle behind the high wall with the lusheous garden at the end of the cobblestone alley.   There are five enchanting suites, each boasting three rooms and endowed with modern art and the finest stylish furnishings. You will quickly fall in love, not particularly with the French princes or princesses, but with the hotel! Double rooms from 290 euros per night.

Stylish Chateau

The Hotel Pavillon de la Reine, styled like a chateau, is blessed with a remarkably good location on the Place des Vosges. It is in the middle of Marais, which is the heart of historical Paris. Behind the façade of the Place des Vosges is a magnificient garden which hosts a royal pavillion. Gobelin tapestry, avenues of oak trees, wall panelling out of the most exquisite materials, striped antique furniture, oil paintings and open fireplaces evoke a unique atmosphere that permeates the entire house. Breakfast is served in the tastefully decorated cellar-vault, after which guests can make their way to the magnificient sights of Marais within short walking distance. Suites for 4 to 5 people are also available for families. Double rooms are available from ?330 a night