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Campaign voucher:
This voucher is publicised as part of a campaign of Austrian.
A maximum of 9 passengers per booking can be booked at the same time. The discount is valid for every passenger (except babies) in the booking.

Personal voucher:

This voucher is received by you alone. It features a ten-figure alphanumerical code. Only one adult (with one baby maximum) can be booked per booking. If you would like to book more than one person at the same time, please enter separate bookings.

Please observe the following conditions for the redemption of the voucher:

  • Vouchers can only be redeemed at
  • It is not possible to combine more than one voucher at a time.
  • Vouchers are not valid for holiday charter flights offered by Austrian myHoliday.
  • Should the value of the voucher exceed the price of the booking, the remaining amount will not be credited to a subsequent booking or paid out, and expires as a result. Vouchers purchased at are excepted from this rule.
  • Vouchers are not valid for flights of Star Alliance partners without an Austrian Airlines flight number.
  • It is not possible to book open-jaw flights (when the departure and/or arrival airport differ for the outbound and return flights), examples of which include Vienna-Frankfurt/Munich-Vienna or Vienna-Frankfurt/Frankfurt-Graz.
  • There is no discounting of airport charges unless the voucher is explicitly issued as such.  
  • Vouchers can be subject to certain restrictions such as the booking period, travel period, destinations, etc.. The restrictions can be found in the booking process. 
  • If there is any suspicion of misuse, Austrian Airlines reserves the right to block the voucher at a later date.
  • MCOs (Miscellaneous Charge Order), CAIR Vouchers and Air-Bons cannot be redeemed via this field.