Travelling with children

Travelling with children
Children usually enjoy flying - whether they are travelling in the company of adults or alone. We provide special services for families with children throughout the entire journey.

Babies & kids on tour

Travelling with children

Children  aged between 5 and 11 years may travel on their own if they are accompanied by a family member older than 12 years or under our supervision - find the respective conditions under "Safe travel for your child travelling alone".

Please note, that  due to flight safety reasons children must trave lwith their accompanying person in the same class on our flights. 

Booking - Special Services

You may pre-book the following special services at time of your flight reservation against a surcharge (please book at least 24 hours before departure):

  • pre-reservation of seats so family members can sit together
  • baby cradle/bassinet (for infants from 6 to 9 months and with max. weight of  11 kg) on
           long-haul routes aircraft Boeing 777 and Boeing 767
  • special baby and child meals (in Economy Class on flights of 3 hours and above).


Bring your child's own infant/car seat:

Simply reserve a seat for your child at the applicable child fare well ahead of time. Our aircraft seats accommodate the following popular brands and models.  You may bring different models of child restraint devices. Due to safety reasons the device may not be used during take off and landing and when the fasten seat belt sign is switched on. The bottom of the car seat may not exceed
40cm x 40cm (15.7 x 15.7inch).


Child restraint harness   

The "Cares kids fly Safe" child restraint harness is approved for the use on board Austrian Airlines flights. If you want to bring such a harness please consider that  it is restricted to children

  •  weighing between 10-20kg (22-44 pounds), and/or
  •  not exceeding a height of max. 1 m (40inch)  

 Please note that children under 2 years require their own seat for fastening this restraint harness and notification to is required.   

You travel with a baby stroller?  

A fully collapsible baby stroller up to a weight of 10 kg will be transported free of charge for infants and small children on Austrian Airlines flights. You may take it to the aircraft door where it will be loaded by our loading staff.  Strollers weighing more than 10kg must be checked in.  In this case please observe the  free baggage allowance for children.

NOTE:  Based on local official directives the baby stroller's weight and taking up to the
             aircraft might be restricted on certain stations.

On board

Children and their accompanying adults board the aircraft first, before all other passengers. And while in the air we make the time fly by with toys, games and puzzles for youngsters plus a special children's entertainment programme on our long-haul flights.

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Safe travel for your child travelling alone