Călătoria cu copiii

Travelling with children

A journey by plane is exciting – especially for our little ones. Austrian offers a variety of special services for families travelling with children throughout the entire journey.

Here we have put together some useful tips for you about flying with children. So you can better prepare for your trip and start a relaxing family vacation.

Pregatirea calatoriei

Cu copiii la aeroport

With children on board


Children Travelling Alone

We offer supervision service against a surcharge for:
children traveling alone aged between 5 and 11 years
youth between 12 and 18 years on parents' special request
The parents or guardians will need to...
...book the flight and organize any necessary travel documents (passport, visa for the destination country if necessary, travel insurance, etc.).
...provide us with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the adults bringing the child to the airport/collecting the child from the airport when making the booking.
Our staff only hands over the child to the person specified by you.
...pay the fare together with a supervision charge per child travelling alone and flight.
Please mind that in case of code share flights the operating carrier's rule is applicable.
...fill in the Handling Advice form, print four copies and sign them.
...meet us directly at the check-in counter.
In Vienna we offer a special assistance counter for this purpose located in terminal "Terminal 3".

Please observe, that the accompanying person is required to remain at the airport until the child's flight has actually taken off! 
The child...
...receives at time of check-in a small travel pouch (UM bag) for all essential documents and is taken into our custody.
...will be accompanied by our ground staff to the aircraft and will be handed over to our flight crew.
...is in custody of our flight attendants on board during the entire flight.
...is met by our ground staff upon de-boarding and is handed over to the designated person as stated on the Handling Advice.
The person must prove his/her identity.
Charge per Child Travelling Alone
following charges will be levied per child and per flight
Flight Charge
Domestic (within Austria) EUR 60 USD/CAD 90
Europe EUR 60 USD/CAD 90
Intercontinental EUR 100 USD/CAD 150

If your child is travelling from Vienna to London (flight within Europe) we charge EUR 60.
If your child is travelling from Graz via Vienna to London we charge EUR 120 for these two flights.
Different rates may be applicable on other carriers.

It is not possible to book a flight for children travelling alone online. Please contact our Customer Service Center at +43 5 1766 1000.