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Kids on tour

Travelling with children


Flying with kids

A journey by plane is exciting – especially for our little ones. Austrian offers a variety of special services for families travelling with children throughout the entire journey.

Here we have put together some useful tips for you about flying with children. So you can better prepare for your trip and start a relaxing family vacation.

Travel arrangements

With children at the airport

With children on board


Children travelling alone


Infant *INF*

Children under 2 years of age are defined as infants or INF.

Infant discount
Infants basically pay 10 percent of the adult fare.
Please note: Country-specific (point of ticket sales), fare-specific or seasonal changes may apply.

Infants may not occupy a passenger seat on board, unless it was paid. If you are traveling with an infant and would like to have an own seat for your little darling, you may purchase a child CHD fare.

For reasons of inflight safety the number of infants is restricted to one infant per adult. The accompanying person must be over 18 years or over 16 years if travelling within the same family.

For infants turning 2 years enroute - due to safety regulations - a booked seat will be required for the remaining part of the journey.

Child *CHD*

Children between 2 an 12 years of age are defined as children or CHD.

Child discount
Children basically pay 75 percent of the adult fare.
Please note: Country-specific (point of ticket sales), fare-specific or seasonal changes may apply.

A child by definition does occupy a passenger seat.

Children under the age of 5 must always be accompanied by an adult. The accompanying person must at least be 18 years old, except she or he is a sister or brother and at least 16 years old. Children between 5 and 12 years of age must be accompanied by a person over 12 years. If this is not the case, the procedure for unaccompanied minors must apply.

For children turning 12 years enroute an adult fare applies for the entire journey.