Austrian Star Alliance Terminal at Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport is growing and yet remains Europe's fastest transfer airport with only 25 minutes of connection time. Austrian Airlines are taking-off from the Austrian Star Alliance Terminal – Terminal 3 (301 – 399).

Covering 150.000 m², the large terminal building changes the way and quality of travelling for all our passengers: at the terminal travellers will experience modern architecture, light-flooded halls, short transfer ways and a great variety of shops and catering outlets. The Austrian Star Alliance Terminal still provides for a minimum connection time of 25 minutes, made possible by the building’s 3-level concept. As opposed to other airports, the passengers simply have to change between levels, not terminals.

The terminal is directly attached to the old one. All airport facilities are under one roof, which makes all three check-in areas accessible indoors. The 3-level concept provides for short and comfortable transfer ways. Arrivals and departures as well as Schengen and Non-Schengen passengers are attended to in separate sectors. The three levels are easily accessible via escalators.

Check-in Area (Departures)

The terminal stretches out in a semi-circle across 270 meters. The light-flooded check-in area with 69 counters and 40 check-in machines is located at Level 1.

Austrian Airlines flights to North America and Tel Aviv continue to be cleared at Pier East/Gate D.

Status customers and Business Class travellers enjoy the exclusive benefit of dedicated check-in islands, e.g. HON Circle check-in, STAR Gold check-in and Business Class check-in.

Passengers with special needs such as people in wheelchairs or children travelling alone will be personally attended to in an exclusive waiting and check-in area. A dedicated "ticketing island" is available for passengers who wish to make or change a booking or collect their tickets.

Photo of the Check-in Area at the Vienna airport


Shopping, entertainment and business: Stretching out across almost 500 metres, the pier offers 31 shops and 19 restaurants and refreshment corners.

For those who want to spend their waiting time working: there are 80 laptop chairs with built-in power outlets, privacy screens and free Wi-Fi in the entire airport building.

The pier has 48 gates, 17 of which are docking positions. Gates G at Level 3 lead to Non-Schengen destinations, Gates F at Level 1 to Schengen destinations.

In the area of Gates F and G there's a special children's corner including an interactive media installation called "Catch a plane", based on the children's game "All birds fly high".

Family Zones

In the area of Gates F and G there's a special children's corner including an interactive media installation called "Catch a plane", based on the children's game "All birds fly high".

Our Lounges

On more than 2,000 m² of the Austrian Star Alliance Terminal, Austrian Airlines opened six vast and modern lounges with Austrian atmosphere.

Three Schengen and three Non-Schengen lounges, each of them with an HON Circle Lounge, a Senator/STAR Gold Lounge and a Business Lounge, are situated at Level 2. All of them are accessible through the central light-flooded Lounge Lobby.

Photo of the lounge

Arrival, Baggage Claim and Connecting Flights

Upon landing in Vienna: Ten baggage delivery belts make sure that the baggage can be claimed quickly and easily. Bulky baggage can be retrieved at delivery belts 1 and 10. HON Circle and Senator passengers as well as STAR Gold customers continue to benefit from the Priority Baggage Service, guaranteeing preferred baggage delivery.

Vienna Airport doubles its capacity, and yet remains Europe’s fastest transfer airport. Passengers can change to connecting flights in just 25 minutes. Short transfer ways and a well-thought-out guidance system provide for a quick onward journey.