Missing and Damaged Baggage


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Delayed Baggage

If your luggage does not arrive at the same time as you at your final destination, please make sure to report this fact to an Austrian Airlines representative right after your arrival.
We will register your details and hand out a written confirmation and a reference number to you. Please keep this safely.
As soon as your baggage has arrived, we will contact you by phone to arrange the delivery.

Information about Missing Baggage

Please click here to check the current status of your lost baggage.

We kindly ask you to enter your file reference number and surname into the corresponding boxes. We will do everything possible to make sure, that you will receive your baggage soon.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

If your baggage is delayed for more than 5 days

In case we were unable to find your baggage within 5 days, please complete the Baggage Questionnaire form (pdf) and return it to us.
We kindly ask you to describe your baggage and contents of it as exactly as possible.

Damaged Baggage

In case of one or more pieces have been damaged at the time of your arrival at your final destination, please report this fact immediately to the local Arrival Service Desk of Austrian Airlines, so we will be able to issue a report right away.
This report will be handed out to you in printed form including a reference number. It is highly recommended to keep this report.

Please make sure to add the original receipt, the damage report , the baggage receipt and the long baggage tag when handing over the damaged luggage to the repair service. According to the receipt we will be able to calculate the current value of the luggage and in case of an irreparable damage you will receive a replacement bag based on this value.

If you are unable to provide the original receipt, we will exchange your baggage in case of an irreparable damage with a replacement bag. The evaluation of the replacement bags will be done by Austrian Airlines or on behalf of Austrian Airlines by our contractor.

Please click here to report your damaged baggage

Belated claim of damaged baggage or missing items

In case you detect the damage of your baggage or items missing from your baggage only after you have left the airport, we will issue a damage report for your private insurance company, under the condition that the damage is reported within seven days after your flight.

Please be aware, that if you do not have private insurance, you will have to provide proof, that your luggage was damaged while under the supervision of Austrian Airlines.

In order to issue a damage report we kindly ask you to send us the following data:

  • your name and permanent address
  • telephone number
  • flight number and date of your trip ticket number
  • a double-sided scanned tag or the original tag of the double sided baggage tag and the baggage receipt
  • pictures which show the damage clearly visible

by mail to:
Austrian Airlines Central Baggage Tracing
Office Park 2
P.O. Box 100
1300 Vienna – Airport

or by e-mail to CentralBaggage.Tracing@austrian.com

After having received this data, we will send you a report with a file reference number.

Liability and Insurance

Please note, that you are responsible for your carry-on luggage and your personal belongings. The liability of airlines regarding luggage is regulated by law.
We recommend to purchase a private travel insurance at the time of booking your journey.
Austrian Airlines are not liable for normal wear and tear, such as scratches and dents, neither for baggage, which has been already damaged at the time of check in, nor for items, which have been packed inappropriately, such as fragile items.

Regulations According to the Montreal Convention

Liability for damage, destruction, loss or partial loss as well as for delayed delivery of baggage is limited to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights per traveler and journey with regard to international and domestic travel.
The Special Drawing Right (SDR) is the arithmetic unit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); 1,131 SDRs currently equals approximately EUR 1,213 (we would like to point out that this amount is subject to price fluctuations and is subject to change).

Notification Deadlines

We recommend to report the loss or damage of your baggage to the local Arrival Service Desk of Austrian Airlines immediately after you have arrived at your final destination.

It is also possible to report the loss or damage in written form within the legal notification deadlines.

However, after having left the airport it is your responsibility to prove, that the damage or mishandling of your baggage occurred while it was under our supervision.

Please mind the following deadlines:

  • damage and partial loss within seven days after baggage hand-out
  • replacement purchases in the case of delayed baggage delivery within two years

The postmark or automatic date of receipt in case of a fax or e-mail notification is crucial for the compliance of deadlines.

Do you have any questions about the final settlement?

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