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Excess Value Declaration

V souladu se směrnicí EU č. 889/2002

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Austrian Airlines offers you the option of completing an Excess Value Declaration for your checked baggage to increase the air carrier‘s liability limits (max. 1,131 IMF special drawing rights* per passenger) to the declared value.

If you would like to submit an Excess Value Declaration, please complete the table on the reverse as accurately as possible. Important: Don‘t forget to list all the items you are carrying, plus the outer container(s) (suitcase, travel bag, etc.)!

Please send the completed Declaration to us AT THE LATEST 48 hours prior to departure by faxing it to +43 (0)5 1766-51043. .

The following rules and conditions apply:

  • For each Excess Value Declaration a supplementary fee of 3% of the declared value will be levied prior to travel. This amount may only be paid using a valid credit card.
  • An Excess Value Declaration may only be submitted if your flight is operated by Austrian Airlines, Austrian Arrows or Lauda Air and your ticket has an Austrian Airlines ticket number.
  • An Excess Value Declaration is valid for one continuous flight journey in one direction, i.e. for either the outward flight or the return flight, including transfer(s) but not including any overnight stop(s) between the individual legs. If you wish to have coverage for both your outward and return flights, you will need to submit two declarations.
  • Austrian Airlines reserves the right to check the declared items prior to departure.
  • In the event of a damage claim you will need to provide proof of value (receipt, expert opinion, etc.) for every single item.
  • Austrian Airlines is liable for destruction, loss, delay or damage to the declared items up to the declared value if damage is proven.
  • Austrian Airlines is not liable for damage due to:
    - defective baggage, improper packing or closure
    - carriage in checked baggage of perishable and/or fragile items
    - normal wear and tear;
    - or for damage caused by or connected with security checks performed or ordered by government authorities.
  • In the event of damages, Austrian Airlines will reimburse the costs of repair for the affected items. If the items are irreparable, Austrian Airlines will reimburse you for the fair market value of the items up to the amount stated in the Excess Value Declaration. The fair market value shall be the replacement cost of the items minus depreciation for age and normal wear and tear.
  • If the declared value is too low, Austrian Airlines is still only liable up to this declared value.
  • The supplementary fee is non-returnable.
  • The Austrian Airlines General Conditions of Carriage apply

Please keep the completed form with you throughout your entire journey and show it at the check-in desk. In the event of damages, please indicate that you have submitted an Excess Value Declaration.

* as of 08.01.2010, 1 SDR corresponds to a value of EUR 1.09

Datum: 23.07.2016

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Datum: 23.07.2016
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