Disabled Access to Flights

Austrian Airlines has developed a special service concept for passengers who have disabilities or whose mobility is restricted. The concept complies with Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

On our direct flights to/from the USA our service for passengers with special needs complies with the regulation 14 CFR, DOT382.

Before Departure

Book well in advance: It's important for us that you book your flight well in advance, i.e. at least 48 hours before departure, and tell us exactly what your needs are.
Why should I book in advance?
It allows us to put together a service package carefully tailored to your individual needs.
We offer seat choice to the highest extent as possible, for flight safety reasons it might be restricted in defined rows (e.g. emergency exits).
Some of the aisle seats on our aircraft are equipped with moveable armrests for your comfort. Ask for these seats at time of booking!
Please don't forget to inform us on your needs:
When booking by telephone, please notify our agent of your requirements.
When booking by Internet you can request the required service online using the "Services for Passengers with reduced mobility or sensory impairment" form.
After booking you can always notify our Special Cases Desk by fax +43 5 1766 51043 or contact form.

Do you need any support during your journey? If you have a chronic  illness or disability, you do not need to present a doctor's certificate.
However, if you would like to request special medical assistance, please click "Medical clearance"
You will need to be accompanied, if you are unable
to follow the safety instructions of our cabin crew independently or
to assist in your own evacuation or
if you need assistance in feeding or using the toilet

Are you travelling with your own wheelchair, or would you like us to provide one for you? If you are travelling with your own wheelchair, please notify us of its size and weight and any special features (e.g. folding/non-folding, sport/electric wheelchair).
There are limitations regarding size and weight on our regional fleet:
Aircraft Size Limitations Weight Limitations
DH4 145 x 106 x 91 cm 150 kg (must be notified)
F70/F100 126 x 75 x 70 cm 150 kg (must be notified)

The transport of up to two pieces of mobility equipment (wheelchair, crutches, other mobility aids) per person with reduced mobility is free of charge.
If you are travelling with a battery-driven wheelchair, please give us prenotification at least 48 hours before departure and notify us of the type of battery:
Non spillable batteries (gel and dry batteries) can remain in the wheelchair, but must be secured and disconnected and the poles must be isolated before boarding the aircraft.
If your mobility aid is powered with lithium-ion batteries please provide us with a Material Safety Data Sheet issued by the battery manufacturer.
For safety reasons, special packaging criteria apply to wet battery-driven wheelchairs. Therefore transportation of wheelchairs with wet battery must be cleared in advance with Special Cases Desk: specialcases@austrian.com.

Battery powered mobility aids are subject to possible limitations of space in the cargo hold  of the aircraft and must  comply with the applicable dangerous goods legislation.

Degree of reduced mobility:
Please let us know the extent to which your mobility is reduced.
There are three internationally recognised wheelchair categories to help you classify your degree of disability:
WCHR – Wheelchair Ramp Guest only requires wheelchair to cover longer distances; able to climb stairs independently.
WCHS – Wheelchair Steps Guest not able to climb stairs but can cover short distances on foot.
WCHC – Wheelchair Cabin Seat Guest requires wheelchair at all times, unable to move around the cabin without help from another person – own wheelchair carried with him/her at all times.
Assistance Dogs
are carried free of charge on Austrian Airlines
may travel with you in the cabin but must be kept on a leash
are restricted in size and weight due to safety reasons, therefore we ask for prenotification
proof of the animal's status as service animal must be given at check-in
Dogs are also accepted for therapy purposes in the passenger cabin on Austrian Airlines flights to and from the U.S.A. including our feeder- and onward flights under following conditions:
they must be restrained during flight
advance notification at least 48 hours before departure
appropriate current documentation issued by a licensed mental health professional confirming the animal's need of presence during the flight must be presented

On our long-haul flights we have to place sanitary povisions, so we require a written documentation that the dog will not relieve itself respectively can relieve itself in a way that does not create a sanitation issue on the flight. 

The general conditions for the transport of animals in cabin apply.

Passengers with impaired sensory perception: There are no restrictions applicable to hearing impaired and partially sighted passengers. You do not require a doctor's certificate.
An assistance service for blind and partially sighted passengers is provided free of charge. If you require assistance at the airport, please ask one of our ground staff.
If you are deaf and blind, you will need to be accompanied during the flight.

Hearing impaired/deaf passengers: Please notify us of your disability  at time of booking so we can pass on the relevant information, especially to our cabin crew on board the aircraft.

Direct flights to /from U.S.A

Our special service concept complies with the regulation 14 CFR, DOT382.

Specially trained staff, Complaint Resolution Officials (CRO), are available at our destinations Chicago, Miami, New York, Washington and Vienna. 

CRO contacts:  

Vienna: +43 5 1766 1000 (Callcenter connects you with a CRO)
Chicago, Miami, New York, and Washington: +1 800843 0002 (Callcenter)

Here the link to Aviation Consumer Protection Division: http://www.dot.gov/airconsumer 

Our Fleet
Further Medical Questions

Upon Departure

Check-in: Our staff or contracted partners at the airport will be pleased to assist you from your arrival at the airport through to the departure gate.

Important: To ensure you reach your flight in good time and enjoy the best possible service, please observe the respective check-in deadlines.

Are you travelling with your own folding wheelchair? You're welcome to use your own folding wheelchair as far as the departure gate. A "Delivery at Aircraft“ baggage tag will be attached to the chair at check-in, and it will be loaded directly onto the aircraft.

For safety reasons, electric and battery-driven wheelchairs are excluded from this arrangement.

On Board

From the terminal building to the aircraft: Each airport provides different transport facilities for passengers with reduced mobility, depending on the local circumstances. You may have to change wheelchairs when transferring from the terminal building to the aircraft itself.
Please mind that level entry boarding/deplaning might not be available at all airports we are operating to.

Hand baggage: We recommend that you keep your hand baggage as light as possible so you can transport it yourself. Your hand baggage may not be larger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm or weigh more than 8 kg.
Do you have to take any medication during the flight? If so, please make sure that you carry it with you in your hand baggage - and please observe the hand baggage regulations.

Choice of seat: If you are restricted in mobility or impaired in sensory perception you have seat choice to the highest extent as possible, for flight safety reasons it might be restricted in defined rows (e.g. emergency exits).
Some of the aisle seats on our aircraft are equipped with moveable armrests for your comfort. Ask for these special seats at time of booking!

Disabled facilities on board: The majority of our longhaul fleet of Boeing 777, Boeing 767 and Airbus aircraft are already equipped with disabled accessible lavatories.
As a standard, an on-board wheelchair is available on our Boeing 777 and Boeing 767 aircraft to help you get to and from the toilet.
Based on your request (48 hours before departure at the latest) we can also offer an on-board wheelchair on Airbus-, F100, F70 and Dash8-400 fleet. 

Our cabin crew provides following travel companion services:
assistance in preparation for eating
assistance with the use of an on-board wheelchair
assistance to a semi-ambulatory person in moving to/from the lavatory
assistance in stowing and retrieving carry-on items, mobility aids and other assistive devices
effective communication with passengers having vision or hearing impairments

If you need support beyond the services mentioned above you need a travel companion, who must be at least 18 years of age.

Our Fleet
Hand Luggage

On Arrival

On arrival at your destination airport your wheelchair will be returned to you, either immediately after disembarking or at baggage reclaim. You may have to wait a short time for your wheelchair to be returned.

The local airport wheelchair service will be waiting for you at the aircraft upon arrival and will help you to continue on your journey.

Important phone numbers

Austrian Airlines Call Center

+43 5 1766 1000

Support for passengers with special needs:

Contact Special Cases Desk:
fax: +43 5 1766 51043
e-mail: specialcases@austrian.com  

Information for people with disabilities:

ÖZIV – (Austrian Association of Disabled Persons)

Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted

ÖGLB – Austrian Association for the Hearing Impaired