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Pentru a verifica daca zborul dumneavoastra va decola conform programului va rugam verificati informatiile de mai jos.

Flight cancellations and delays at Vienna Airport: flight operations are on schedule again.

Due to technical issues in transferring flight relevant data amongst EUROCONTROL and Austro Control (Austrian air traffic control) air traffic had to be reduced at Vienna Airport yesterday afternoon and evening. As a result, several flights had to be delayed and cancelled. Austrian Airlines also had to delay a large number of flights and cancelled a total of 30 flights. More than 6,000 passengers are affected. Long-haul and charter flights were handled with priority yesterday. We regret the incident! Meanwhile, the IT problem could be solved by the air traffic control. Today, Monday, all flights are on schedule again.

Are you effected by yesterday's cancellations?
Passengers can either contact the ticket office at the airport or call the Service Center of Austrian Airlines at +43517661000. Due to the high number of requests longer waiting times are possible at the moment. We ask you for your patience and understanding. Thank you!

You want to file a complaint or ask for refund?
We ask all passengers to file their complaints or request for reimbursement on our website. This link takes you to the relevant page.

Passport checks on European flights

We would like to inform you that due to the current refugee situation in Europe passport checks on European flights, also within the Schengen area, can occur.
Please keep in mind that therefore time delays during boarding and disembarkation are possible. Passengers should carry a valid travel document, in particular also on flights to Germany. A travel document is a passport or when traveling within the EU, a valid identity card. (The driver's license is not a travel document!)

We assume that this situation might change again in the short-term. Thank you for your support!