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Pentru a verifica daca zborul dumneavoastra va decola conform programului va rugam verificati informatiile de mai jos.

Prohibition of transport of lithium-powered means of transportation

Passengers are not permitted to carry lithium-powered means of transportation (lithium-powered personal devices) in their check-in or carry-on luggage on board of the aircraft. This regulation is independent of the devices' battery performance.

Such means of transportation include e.g.:
  • Hoverboards
  • Mini-Segways
  • Airwheels and Solowheels
  • Luggagescooter
  • Electric bicycles with lithium batteries

FAA advise not to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on planes

Austrian Airlines prohibits the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board its aircraft for security reasons. The phone has to be completely switched off and may not be charged. This was decided in close coordination with the authorities. This guideline applies to all flights in the Lufthansa Group.

Passport checks on European flights

We would like to inform you that due to the current refugee situation in Europe passport checks on European flights, also within the Schengen area, can occur.
Please keep in mind that therefore time delays during boarding and disembarkation are possible. Passengers should carry a valid travel document, in particular also on flights to Germany. A travel document is a passport or when traveling within the EU, a valid identity card. (The driver's license is not a travel document!)

We assume that this situation might change again in the short-term. Thank you for your support!

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