Pentru o informare completa, chiar in timpul calatoriei, Austrian va ofera serviciul "yourUpdate", acesta va poate fi de folos in urmatoarele situatii: 

  • zborul are o intarziere mai mare de 30 minute
  • se modifica poarta de imbarcare in aeroportul din Viena (pentru membrii M&M)
  • zborul este anulat

se va trasnsmite automat un SMS sau e-mail catre dvs, cu toate detalile despre zborul dvs. 


Pentru a verifica daca zborul dumneavoastra va decola conform programului va rugam verificati informatiile de mai jos. Pentru asistenta si informatii suplimentare ne puteti contacta la urmatoarele numere de telefon: 

Inainte de a pleca catre aeroport, va rugam verificati pe situl nostru daca zborul d-voastra decoleaza conform programului initial : Current departures and arrivals

Construction works on A4 highway

Due to Asfinag construction works on the A4 highway to Vienna Airport delays on the way to the airport are possible from April, 23th 2014. Therefore, please consider more time for your journey to the airport.

Temporary suspension of flights to and from Tripoli

Due to several incidents at the international airport Tripoli since March 21, 2014, which lead to the temporary closure of the airport, Austrian Airlines does not offer flights from or to Tripoli at the moment. We constantly evaluate the state of facts, but at the moment no final decision can be made. Therefore, we cannot reinstate flights from or to Tripoli yet. We are in close contact with responsible authorities and we will reevaluate the suspension based on conclusive findings.
We regret any inconvenience this may cause.