Pentru a verifica daca zborul dumneavoastra va decola conform programului va rugam verificati informatiile de mai jos. Pentru asistenta si informatii suplimentare ne puteti contacta la urmatoarele numere de telefon: Inainte de a pleca catre aeroport, va rugam verificati pe situl nostru daca zborul d-voastra decoleaza conform programului initial: Current departures and arrivals

Strike at Lufthansa October 20 and 21, 2014

Austrian Airlines is not affected by the announced strike at Lufthansa on October 20 and 21, 2014.

We ask all passengers who booked a Lufthansa or a codeshare flight, to check the status of their flight in advance (codeshare flights to, from or via Germany have a four-digit flight number).

Affected passengers get further Information online at

Tightening of security checks for flights to the USA - transportation ban on non-functional mobile devices

Due to tightening of security checks during the boarding of direct flights to the USA, stated by the American authorities, additional security controls of electronic devices are possible (cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Passengers starting on a journey from Vienna to the USA have to make sure that their mobile device is charged and can be turned on (we recommend to take a charger along). Electronic devices which can’t be activated during boarding, must not be transported.

Austrian Airlines expects no impact on flight operations. Principally, we recommend all passengers travelling to the USA to consider enough time for security checks.

Lucrări de constructie la autostrada A4

Din cauza lucrărilor de construcție ale Asfinag la autostrada A4 către Aeroportul din Viena, pot avea loc întârzieri pe traseu începând cu data de 23 aprilie 2014. De aceea vă rugăm să plecați din timp către aeroport.