Current Travel Alerts

Travel Alerts

Please refer to the following information to find out about policies, which might impact your travel plans.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 banned on all flights

Several authorities - including those in the U.S.A., Canada or Hong Kong - have banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from board for safety reasons. Based on these decisions, Austrian Airlines has prohibited this phone on all flights. The phone must not be carried on board, hand baggage or checked baggage. Austrian Airlines does not provide any storage facilities, so we ask all our passengers not to take the phone on board. In other case boarding will be denied. Samsung has already started a recall action for this device.

Prohibition of transport of lithium-powered means of transportation

Passengers are not permitted to carry lithium-powered means of transportation (lithium-powered personal devices) in their check-in or carry-on luggage on board of the aircraft. This regulation is independent of the devices' battery performance.

Such means of transportation include e.g.:

  • Hoverboards
  • Mini-Segways
  • Airwheels and Solowheels
  • Luggagescooter
  • Electric bicycles with lithium batteries

Passport checks on European flights

Please be aware that passport checks may occur on European flights, also within the Schengen area. This might lead to delays during boarding and disembarkation.

Passengers should always carry a valid travel document with them, in particular on flights to Germany, France and Belgium. A travel document is a passport or, when traveling within the EU, a valid identity card. A driver's license is not considered as a travel document.

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