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Special Meals

Whether you would like a special meal according to your dietary and nutritional regimen or a meal just to meet your ethnic and religious requirements we will comply with your choice. Austrian offers a range of 14 different meals on all Business Class and Economy medium and long-haul flights.

You can order your special meal along with your flight booking

  • at your travel agency
  • on austrian.com

Your special meal can also be booked at a later time online via My Bookings or by calling the Austrian Service Center.

As we prepare our menus always fresh, we need your meal order no later than 24 hours before departure.

For our little ones

Type of meal Description Meal code
Child meal Suitable for children aged 2 years or over. CHML


Infants: Meals for infants aged under 2 years are limited available on all Austrian flights and do not need to be explicitly posted.

Dietary meals

Type of meal Description Meal code
Bland meal Light meal consisting of fresh raw fruit and vegetables as well as fish, mild varieties of cheese or steamed vegetables; red meat and strong seasoning are avoided BLML
Diabetic meal Low fat meal prepared without sugar or honey DBML
Gluten-free meal Contains no wheat flour or related products; also largely lactose-free GFML
Low Calorie meal Prepared using low-fat cooking methods such as steaming, stewing or grilling; plenty of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables LCML
Low fat & cholesterol meal Low fat ingredients; plenty of fresh vegetables, salad and fruit LFML
Low sodium & salt meal Beneficial for passengers who are mindful of their sodium intake due to high blood pressure or kidney problems LSML
Lactose-free meal Contains no lactose or milk products, prepared with soya products NLML



Vegetarian meals

Type of meal Description Meal code
Asian vegetarian meal With asian-style spices; contains no fish, poultry or meat; main dairy product is “shahinpaneer”, an Indian soft cheese AVML
Non-dairy vegetarian meal Vegetarian meal containing no egg or dairy products VGML



Religious and ethnic meals

Type of meal Description  Meal code
Hindu meal Contains no pork, beef or veal or products.
Similar to Asian vegetarian meal, but with sweet, piquant spices - may also contain chicken and lamb.
Kosher meal Prepared strictly according to the rules of the Talmud by an authorised kosher caterer and brought on board fully sealed.
Please note that ordering a kosher meal requires a lead time of 48 hours before departure.
Moslem meal Does not contain pork, pork products or gelatine. Prepared without any alcoholic ingredients. MOML


Special meal

Type of meal Description Meal code
Special meal - general Requires further details in free text format. SPML



Please note: Austrian Airlines does not accept any responsibility for any allergic reaction that you may have whilst onboard one of our flights. We therefore recommend if you have any allergy or have similar concerns, that you discuss these with your doctor prior to travelling with us.