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Bombardier Q400

Bombardier Q400

Bombardier Q 400



Type of aircraft Short- & medium-haul passenger aircraft
Manufacturer Bombardier Regional Aircraft Div.
Names - Austrian Airlines painting OE-LGA "Kärnten" | OE-LGB "Tirol" | OE-LGC "Land Salzburg" | OE-LGD "Steiermark" | OE-LGE "Oberösterreich" | OE-LGF "Niederösterreich" | OE-LGG "Budapest" | OE-LGH "Vorarlberg" | OE-LGI "Eisenstadt" | OE-LGJ "St. Pölten" | OE-LGK "Burgenland" | OE-LGL "Altenrhein" | OE-LGM "Villach" | OE-LGN "Gmunden" | OE-LGO | OE-LGP "Spirit of Alpbach" | OE-LGQ | OE-LGR
Number of aircraft 18
Seating capacity 76
Min. legroom 30"=76.2cm
Wing span 28.42 m
Length 32.83 m
Height 8.34 m
Max. cruising speed 665 km/ h
Max. cruising altitude 7,600 m / 25,000 ft
Type of engine Pratt & Whitney 2 PW 150A
Max. thrust Shaft horse power 2 x 5000 SHP
Fuel capacity 5,318 kg
Max. range full payload 1,500 - 1,630 km
Max. payload 10,900 kg
Max. take-off weight 28,998 kg
Max. landing weight 28,009 kg