Smart Upgrade

When can I purchase an upgrade to Business Class?

An upgrade to Business Class can be purchased at any time after the ticket is issued and until the check-in deadline - depending on availability in Business Class

Smart Upgrade: You can bid any amount of their choice (up to 72 hours prior to departure). Within this time frame, all bids will be reviewed and accepted if certain conditions hold.

Upgrade using the Web Check-in tool: Web check-in opens 47 hours prior to departure. Depending on the load factor, you will be offered a Smart Upgrade at the time of check-in.

How does an upgrade to Business Class work with Austrian Airlines?

The upgrade is offered on flights with an OS flight number operated by Austrian Airlines until 48 hours prior to departure. The fare conditions (e.g. rebooking, cancellation and check-in baggage allowance) of the original Economy Class ticket will remain unchanged after an upgrade. Every Economy booking class (irrespective of the fare product selected) will be allocated to a dedicated booking class in Business Class for the upgrade. The availability of the upgrade to Business Class therefore depends on the originally booked Economy booking class as well as on availability within Business Class.

What is a Smart Upgrade?

The Austrian Smart Upgrade offers you the opportunity to determine your own price for your Business Class
upgrade by submitting a bid. We will inform you between 72 and 48 hours before departure whether or not
your Smart Upgrade has been approved.

How does the Upgrade in Web Check-in work?

The web check-in opens 47 hours prior to departure. Depending on the load factor, you will be displayed the option to bid for an upgrade to Business. This does not involve any changes to the initial ticket (i.e. rebooking), thus all conditions attached to the Economy Class fare remain unchanged.

On which routes is Smart Upgrade being offered?

Austrian offers Smart Upgrade on all scheduled flights. For legal reasons, bids for ticket sales from India and Japan are excluded.

Who can bid for a Smart Upgrade?

In order to qualify for making a Smart Upgrade bid, you need a valid and issued Austrian Economy Class ticket for a scheduled flight operated by Austrian. Offers cannot be accepted for tickets sold in following countries: India and Japan.
You may submit your Smart Upgrade offer up to 72 hours before departure.

Is every Economy Class passenger eligible for getting a Smart Upgrade?

Basically yes, with the exception of: 

  • Passengers travelling with children under 2 years of age 
  • Passengers booked within a group of more than 9 people 
  • Flight bookings which are not yet confirmed.

Does the Austrian Smart Upgrade apply to the roundtrip?

All flight legs of your booking which are suitable for a Smart Upgrade will be displayed. You decide for yourself for which flights you make an offer.

How much does it cost to make a bidding offer?

The offer is free of charge. Only if you receive the upgrade, your credit card will be debited with the amount of your offer. Please note, we still need your credit card details at the time of your bidding for standard verification purposes.

Apart from the upgrade amount displayed, will there be additional taxes or charges?


What happens if an offer has been submitted, but the flight has to be changed or cancelled?

You may change or cancel your offer up to 72 hours before departure.

What happens when rebooking a flight?

In general, the rebooking conditions for the upgrade to Business Class depend on the conditions of the base Economy fare. For example, a "Light" fare for which an upgrade is purchased into Business Class, will remain non-rebookable and nonrefundable.

What happens if your upgrade has been accepted, but you have to cancel your trip?

After your offer has been accepted, the upgrade amount is no longer refundable.

What happens if your upgrade has been accepted, but Austrian cancels your flight?

Your upgrade remains valid if you a re-book to another Austrian flight at the same amount. Otherwise, we will refund the amount.

What happens if an offer was cancelled by mistake?

Up to 72 hours before departure you may cancel, correct your offer or re-bid.

Is the time of the bidding decisive for its ranking?


You are travelling as a couple or family?

Smart Upgrade considers all passengers within a joint booking.

You are travelling with a colleague who does not want to use Smart Upgrade?

As long as you are not registered under one and the same booking number, you may submit your individual offer.

What are the benefits of the Austrian Smart Upgrade?

You receive an upgrade at an exceptional price and benefit from all amenities of the Austrian Business Class,
such as:

  • Comfort seats which can be turned into full-flat beds almost two meters in length at the push of a
  • Award-winning first class service and delicious catering by DO & CO 
  • State-of-the-art onboard entertainment with video on demand on 15 inch touch screens* 
  • Access to our worldwide Business Lounges** including meals and drinks 
  • Check-in at the Business Class counter and fast lane service** 
  • Baggage allowance for Business Class with more free allowance for checked and hand luggage. 
  • Miles & More Business Class miles (booking class “P”)

* Cabin interior of the Boeing long-haul fleet
** This service is not available at all airports. Please check out more information about our worldwide lounge
offerings at under „Info & Service”, section “Lounges worldwide”.

Will the Austrian Smart Upgrade change the conditions of your ticket?

No. All conditions remain valid and unchanged.

You ordered a DO & CO à la carte menu, but have just received a Smart Upgrade?

Up to 36 hours before departure you may cancel your menu order for free at

Your offer has been accepted. How much luggage you are now allowed to carry with you?

Your free baggage allowance at Austrian is according to the piece concept and is reported in your ticket by 'PC' and the maximum Number of Pieces: 1PC for 1 piece, 2 PCs for 2 pieces.

On Austrian scheduled flights these free baggage allowance for passengers travelling in Business Class are applicable:

Free baggage allowance: 2 pieces of max. 32 kg

Hand Luggage: 2 pieces of max. 8 kg

Please note that in case of connecting flights Smart Upgrade assesses the amount of free baggage allowance for each flight segment separately. If you are not awarded for your first flight, the baggage allowances of the connecting flight in Business Class cannot be transferred on the previous sector.

With redextrabag you may increase your baggage allowance by one additional peace from 36 hours before departure in the Austrian Web Check-in.

Can an upgrade to Business Class also be purchased before a ticket is issued?

No, an upgrade to Business Class can only be purchased after the ticket has been issued.