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Remote Ticketing – Provincial Airports in Austria

Що означає концепція одного вікна в регіональних аеропортах?

З літа 2014 персонал на стійках реєстрації в регіональних аеропортах Лінца, Клагенфурта, Граца, Зальцбурга і Інсбрука виконуватиме роль єдиного контактної особи для пасажирів. Крім звичайних функцій, співробітники будуть стягувати оплату за допомогою кредитних карт за перевезення спортінвентарю або наднормативного багажу. Це забезпечить економію часу і сил пасажирів.

What will happen with what used to be the Check-in Desks at airports?

Austrian is adjusting the organisation of its provincial airports to the latest travel trends and requirements of customers. Since the etix© electronic ticket was introduced, and as a result of successive growth in online and partner sales, levels of over-the-counter sales at provincial airports have fallen, a trend which has become more marked in recent years.

When will this adjustment at provincial airports go into force?

The new service will begin on 1 June 2014 at our airports in Linz and Klagenfurt, followed by Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck on 1 July 2014.

Will the adjustment also affect Vienna Airport?

No, the ticketing counter at Vienna Airport will remain unchanged.

Where will I be able to rebook my ticket in future?

If you want to buy, rebook or cancel a ticket for a flight directly at an airport, then the Austrian Service Center will be responsible for providing you with advice on how to do so from this summer on (from June in Linz and Klagenfurt, and July in Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck). The Center will be open from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., Monday to Sunday.

In addition to this, we shall be offering an Austrian Service Point in newly-signposted areas at our airports. Red Austrian service telephones will connect you directly to our Service Center. You will also be able to reach us by mobile telephone, as before, by dialling 05 1766 1000.

What if I want some personal advice about my ticket purchase?

You will be able to access personal advice from the Austrian Service Center by calling the service number, 05 1766 1000, from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., Monday to Sunday.

What if you have a Lufthansa flight departing from an Austrian provincial airport?

The Austrian Service Center is also available for questions regarding your Lufthansa flight departing from a provincial airport.

What if I need help in case of a flight irregularity?

In the unfortunate event that flights are delayed or have to be cancelled at short notice, these new changes will enable us to care for your needs more effectively, and most importantly of all more quickly, in future. The yourUpdate service means we will automatically send you a replacement routing by SMS or e-mail. If this new flight does not fit in with your travel plans, our staff will help you over the new red Austrian telephones at the Service Point on site. A dedicated hotline is being set up to provide rapid help.

How does yourUpdate work?

In order to inform you about flight irregularities more quickly, we will be offering you a free information service with yourUpdate – with no need to register.
We shall automatically inform you by SMS or e-mail of cancellations or delays over 30 minutes. At Vienna Airport, you will also receive a message if your gate has to be changed at short notice.

You will need to provide us with your Miles & More number, current mobile phone number and e-mail address with every booking, and keep this information up-to-date. We’ll do the rest!