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Все про рейс

Here you can find important information related to entry regulations for the USA.

Here you can find all important medical information.

Would you like to order a special meal? Here you can find an overview on all offered special meals.

DO & CO à la carte - treat yourself: All DO & CO à la carte menues can be found here.

Why do passenger data have to be passed on to US and Canadian customs?

Under an agreement between the EU and the USA and Canada, Austrian Airlines is obliged to pass on all reservations data. If this requirement is not complied with, passengers may not be carried on any flights from, to or via the USA or Canada.

Which data are passed on to the authorities?

Austrian Airlines passes on the booking references (so-called "PNRs"= "Passenger Name Records") of all passengers flying with us from, to or via the USA and/or Canada to the US and Canadian immigration authorities.
Your PNR contains all the information you provided in connection with your flight booking, which is stored in our reservations system. At present, the USA and Canada are the only countries who require us to pass on these data.

Please note: There is a basic difference between PNR data and API (= Advanced Passenger Information) data. API data are contained in your passport (last name, first name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, gender); they are recorded during the check-in process (usually through electronic reading of the magnetic strip on your passport) and passed on to the authorities immediately after departure. We are required by law to pass on these data for passengers entering some countries, e.g. the USA, Canada, Japan and India. 

All information can be found in detail on following information page.

Where can I get information about vaccinations in other countries?

You get information about vaccinations in other countries from your general practitioner and at the Institute for Tropical Diseases in Vienna.

Where can I find information about the departure or arrival of a flight?

Here you can check the current flight status.

Where will I find the Austrian Airlines Route Map?

Here you can find the Austrian Airlines route map.

Where will I find info about the lounges that I can use if I'm flying with Austrian Airlines?

Find here information about our lounges worldwide.

I booked an Austrian Airlines Ticket but fly with another airline - why?

Due to the co-operation agreements that the Austrian Airlines Group maintains with other airlines, it happens that Austrian Airlines carries a flight number on a partner airline in order to provide you with better connecting services.

Where can I find seat maps and more information about the Austrian Airlines fleet?

Find here more information about the Austrian Airlines fleet.

Can I request a seat online?

Yes, this is possible during online booking. There is a "Seatmap" button on the data summary page. You can select your desired seat simply by clicking on it. Please bear in mind that seat requests cannot be guaranteed.

How and when is it possible to order the required special meal?

You can order your special meal at the time of booking or up to 48 hours before departure at the latest. When booking online you can order your special meal when finishing the booking.