How do I set up a user profile for

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  • save profile data
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Is it possible to book frequent-traveller free tickets online?

Yes, this is possible. Please go here to the Miles and More Austria Website.

Do I receive a booking acknowledgement after competing a booking?

After completing the booking you will see a booking confirmation on your screen and a confirmation has been sent to you by e-mail.

What security measures have been taken for my personal data?

All personal data are highly secured. For more information click here.

Which browser is required for a problem-free booking online?

The Austrian Airlines booking page functions with all current browsers. However, we recommend using Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher or Mozilla 3.0.

Would you like to name a contact person with your booking?

Please enter the name and telephone number or e-mail address of the person you wish to be notified in case of an accident.
According to EU regulation (No 996/2010 ) this data will only be stored for the purpose of given booking and will be deleted upon your return from the journey. Please note: These data are not linked to your booking – please give the data again if you decide to rebook your flight.
Here you can name a contact person.

How to book an "open" return flight?

You can book an "open" return flight by booking an unrestrited Business Class fare, select a return date and change this date free of charge upon your wishes.

How can I book multi-segment flights or 'open jaw' flights online?

You can book a multi-segment journey on our startpage. Please click "More search options | open jaw" on startpage or "Book" tab and select "More flights / Multi-segment journey".

When will the payment be debited from my credit card account?

The payment will be debited when issuing the ticket.

What is the latest date a ticket can be booked online prior to departure?

Depending on country of origin, you can book online between 72 hours until 3 hours before departure as long as the rules of chosen fare allow this.