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My baggage has been missing for more than 45 days – what do I need to do?

In case we were unable to trace your luggage within 45 days we kindly ask you to contact our feedback team

Austrian Airlines
Feedback Management
P.O.Box 33
1300 Vienna Airport
Fax: +43 5 1766 51002

What do I need to do if my baggage is missing for more than 5 days?

In case we were unable to trace your baggage within 5 days we kindly ask you to fill in the "Baggage Questionnaire" form and send it to

Please note: It is very important for our further tracking process that you provide a detailed list of the contents of your lost bag.







What if I find out my luggage has been damaged or items are missing after having left the airport?

In case you detect the damage of your baggage or items missing from your baggage only after you have left the airport, we will be pleased to issue a damage report for your private insurance company, under the condition that the damage is reported within seven days after your flight.

Please be aware, that if you do not have a private insurance, the proof, that your luggage was damaged while being under the supervision of Austrian Airlines will have to be given by you.
In order to issue a damage report we kindly ask you to send us the following data:
permanent address
telephone number
flight number and date of your trip
ticket number
a both side scanned tag or the original tag of the double sided baggage tag and the baggage receipt
picture(s) which show the damage clearly visible
age and purchase price of your baggage
a short description of the damage

Please send this information

by mail to:
Austrian Airlines Central Baggage Tracing
Office Park 2, P.O. Box 100
1300 Vienna – Airport


by e-mail to:

After having received this data, we will send you a report with a file reference number.



 银行帐户详情,包括 IBAN 和 BIC


P.O.Box 33
AT-1300 Vienna Airport

How can I be compensated for a damaged bag which cannot be repaired?

In case your baggage cannot be repaired we kindly ask you to send us following documents:
original damage report
original bag tag
confirmation issued by a specialized dealer that your bag cannot be repaired
original receipt of the damaged bag or confirmation about age and purchase price of your damaged bag issued by a specialized dealer
bank account details incl. IBAN and BIC

Please send all documents to our Feedback Management Team, which will do the reimbursement according to the current value of your damaged baggage.

Our adress:
Austrian Airlines
Feedback Management
P.O.Box 33
1300 Vienna Airport

I was charged for my excess baggage on my inbound flight, on my outbound flight I didn’t have to pay for the excess baggage. Why?

We would like to inform you that the free baggage allowance is mentioned on the Passenger Receipt of your ticket. If we check-in more luggage free of charge on occasion it doesn’t mean that you are automatically entitled to check-in more baggage on your future flights as well. Excess baggage basically has to be charged.



Do you have any questions regarding claim settlement?

Our Feedback Management will be glad to assist you:  


您已向到达机场提交报告、已收到参考编号,但是对解决方案或赔偿有疑问? 请点击此处联系我们。