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Here you can find all important information about baggage regulations.

My baggage has been missing for more than 45 days – what do I need to do?

In case we were unable to trace your luggage within 45 days we kindly ask you to contact our feedback team

Austrian Airlines
Feedback Management
P.O.Box 33
AT-1300 Vienna Airport 
fax: +43 (0)5-1766/51002

What do I need to do if my baggage is missing for more than 5 days?

In case we were unable to trace your baggage within 5 days we kindly ask you to fill in the Baggage Questionnaire form and send it to vielzos@austrian.com. It is of very important for our further tracing process, that you provide a detailed list of the contents of your lost bag.

Liability for carry-on baggage?

In general, you are responsible for your carry-on baggage and personal belongings. The liability of airlines is regulated by law. We definitely recommend to file a baggage insurance.

If I don't have any carry-on luggage, am I entitled to check-in more luggage?

No, the free baggage allowance of the checked baggage remains the same, irrespective if you take hand luggage on board or not.

How can I be compensated for a damaged bag which cannot be repaired?

In case your baggage cannot be repaired we kindly ask you to send us following documents:

 Original damage report
 Original bag tag
 Confirmation issued by a specialized dealer that your bag cannot be repaired
 Original receipt of the damaged bag
 Confirmation about age and purchase price of your damaged bag issued by a specialized dealer
 Bank account details incl. IBAN and BIC

Please send all documents to our Feedback Management Team, which will do the reimbursement according to the current value of your damaged baggage

Austrian Airlines
Feedback Management
P.O.Box 33
AT-1300 Vienna Airport

What to do if I my luggage arrives damaged?

In case of one or more pieces being damaged at the time of your arrival at your final destination, please report this fact immediately to the local Arrival Service Desk of Austrian Airlines, so we will be able to issue a report right away. This report will be handed out to you in printed form including a reference number. It is highly recommended to keep this report.

Please make sure to hand over the original receipt and the damage report to the repair service. According to the receipt we will be able to calculate the current value of the luggage and in case of an irreparable damage you will receive a replacement bag based on this value.

If you are unable to provide the original receipt, we will exchange your baggage in case of an irreparable damage with a replacement bag. The evaluation of the replacement bags will be done by Austrian Airlines or on behalf of Austrian Airlines by our contractor.

What if I find out my luggage has been damaged or items are missing after having left the airport?

In case you detect the damage of your baggage or items missing from your baggage only after you have left the airport, we will be pleased to issue a damage report for your private insurance company, under the condition that the damage is reported within seven days after your flight.

Please be aware, that if you do not have a private insurance, the proof, that your luggage was damaged while being under the supervision of Austrian Airlines will have to be given by you.

In order to issue a damage report we kindly ask you to send us the following data: 
  • Your permanent address
  • Telephone number
  • Flight number and date of your trip
  • Ticket number
  • A both side scanned tag or the original tag of the double sided baggage tag and the baggage receipt
  • Pictures which show the damage clearly visible
By mail to:
Austrian Airlines Central Baggage Tracing
Office Park 2, P.O. Box 100
1300 Vienna – Airport, Austria

Or by e-mail to: 

After having received this data, we will send you a report with a file reference number.

Which documents do I need to get the repair costs reimbursed?

In order to be able to reimburse the repair costs of your damaged bag we kindly ask you to send us following documents:

 Original damage report
 Original bag tag
 Original receipt for the repair of the bag
 Bank account details incl. IBAN and BIC

Please send the documents to:

Austrian Airlines
Feedback Management
P.O.Box 33
AT-1300 Vienna Airport

Excess baggage?

I was charged for my excess baggage on my inbound flight – however, on my outbound flight I didn’t have to pay for the excess baggage even though the weight stayed the same. How is that possible?

We would like to inform you that the free baggage allowance is mentioned on the Passenger Receipt of your ticket. If we check-in more luggage free of charge on occasion it doesn’t mean that you are automatically entitled to check-in more baggage on your future flights as well. Excess baggage basically has to be charged.

May I take my musical instrument with me as carry-on baggage?

Provided your musical instrument does not exceed the carry-on baggage dimensions of 55x40x23cm and the weight of 8kg, you can take it with you without prior notification.
For a musical instrument exceeding these dimensions and/or weight, an additional seat must be booked for it. The cost of an additional seat is the currently valid ticket price.
Book your own ticket and the extra seat through a travel agent or one of our sales agencies, as this seat cannot be booked online.
Should your musical instrument exceed the dimensions of the seat on the respective aircraft, it cannot be transported in the cabin but must be checked in. Please contact us, if you need more information. 

Would you like to take your cello with you into the passenger cabin? Please make sure, that your musical instrument is packed in a hard-top case, in order to avoid damaging when securing on board (see illustration).


I left an item on my flight. Whom should I contact now?

If you left an item on your flight, you will need to contact the Lost and Found office or Lost Property Department of the airport to which you were travelling. Please be advised that we are not liable for the loss of items left on board.

My baggage was temporary lost – who covers my interim expenses?

Austrian Airlines will be responsible for reasonable and verifiable expenses related to baggage delays for purchases such as toiletries. Kindly note that the passenger is obliged to keep the costs as low as possible in such situations.

In order to check the reimbursement of the expenses for necessary replacement purchases we need the following documents/information:

 Original Property Irregularity Report
 Original receipts for replacement purchases
 Bank account details incl. IBAN and BIC

Please send all documents to our Feedback Management Team:

Austrian Airlines
Feedback Management
P.O.Box 33
AT-1300 Vienna Airport

Do you have any questions regarding claim settlement:

Our Feedback Management will be glad to assist you: www.austrian.com/feedback  

Do you have any questions about the final settlements?

You already filed a report at your Arrival Airport, received a reference-number and have questions about the settlement or compensation? Please contact us here.