オンラインで簡単に搭乗手続きが行えるWEBチェックインをご利用の際に、世界中で高い評価を得ているオーストリア航空のビジネスクラスへアップグレードできるBusiness Upgradeサービスをご用意いたしました。

  • ビジネスクラス専用チェックインカウンターで、手荷物をお預けになれます
  • ビジネスクラス専用ラウンジがご利用可能です 
  • 快適なビジネスクラスへご搭乗いただけます
  • 世界中で高評価を獲得しているDO & COによる機内食サービスをご提供します
 ※OS052 成田・ウィーン線は、対象外となります。



An outstanding opportunity now awaits you when you are using myAustrian web check-in: upgrade when you check-in and experience the unique and comfortable service benefits of the myAustrian Business Class.

The benefits at a glance:
  • use time-saving myAustrian Business Class counter
  • access to the myAustrian Business Lounge
  • seating comfort in myAustrian Business Class
  • Top-Class DO & CO Business Class service during flight
And it´s that easy: myAustrian web check-in is open 36 hours before departure onwards. The system lets you choose features including your next upgrade or preferred seat, to print out your boarding pass or have it sent to your mobile phone. Payment is via your credit card. Booking an upgrade has never been simpler.

Click here for a direct link to our Web Check-in service.

Terms and conditions: Upgrade fee is not refundable, ticket restrictions and mileage credit remain unchanged, booking on selected routes and subject to availability.