Advantages online booking

Why should I book online? Here are just some of the benefits at a glance:

  • New: pay easy and secure with your online banking information up to 3 hours before departure (bank details and departure in Austria, Germany or the Netherlands)
  • Because it’s cheap. Compared to booking by telephone, you’ll make serious savings. The processing charge for a ticket booked online is cheaper.
  • Because you can make the booking any time you want. You can search for and book flights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Because you can use it at short notice. You can book your flight anything up to 3 hours before takeoff.
  • Because special offers are so easy to find. We offer a wide range of low-cost redtickets, and remaining availability is clearly shown.
  • Because of the support you receive. If you have any queries during online booking process, you simply call our Internet Helpdesk or send us an E-Mail.
  • Because it’s so comfortable. You can check in from the comfort of your own home or office,  print out your boarding pass, rebook your flight or buy a business class upgrade yourself there and then.
  • Because you can request a seats free of charge. You simply click on your preferred seat on the seating plan, and send a request.**
  • Because it’s so safe. Credit card and direkt banking payments are encrypted, and we guarantee complete protection of your customer data.
  • Personal contribution to climate protection: compensate CO2-Emissions with Climate Austria
    Because of the extra services you can enjoy. You can also book hotels, rental cars and redcab airport transfer online at low cost.
  • Because you can take out travel cancellation and complete cover standard insurances online.
  • Because of the special menus.* Free reservation.
  • Because of the travel info you get. You’ll be sent information about your flight and valuable travel tips by E-mail during the week leading up to your departure.

* This service is only available for busines class bookings.
** This service is only available for certaint tariffs.

Have these benefits convinced you?
If so, please take a further look by clicking on online booking.

Or perhaps you have a suggestion as to how we might improve our service?
If so, just send us an E-mail – we look forward to hearing from you!