Treat yourself with DO & CO à la carte!

A Viennese schnitzel from New York to Vienna? Or a choice of tapas, meze or Japanese delicacies on your way to Amsterdam? Pre booking our new exclusive DO & CO à la carte service makes it possible. You can already order your DO & CO à la Carte menu on the internet while booking your flight, or up to 36 hours before departure, by clicking on

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Make your choice and enjoy your menu for only €15 on your next flight*. Last minute customers travelling from Vienna Airport can choose an à la carte menu up to one hour before departure at the DO & CO à la carte desk** by Terminal 3 and enjoy it shortly afterwards on board!

*Except for domestic flights, international flights from other airports within Austria, flights to and from Budapest, Prague, Zagreb as well as group bookings and holiday flights. À la carte Menu is served on European flights instead of the standard meal and on long-haul flights instead of the warm main meal. **Available on Vienna Airport only.