DO & CO 按菜单点菜

想要在纽约到维也纳的旅程中来份维也纳炸肉排? 或者想要在前往阿姆斯特丹的旅程中选些西班牙小菜、梅泽开胃菜或日式美食? 我们为经济舱提供的专属 DO & CO 点菜菜单可满足您的需求。

您可以在 网站上订票时订购 DO & CO 点菜菜单,或之后直接在 DO & CO 订购。

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仅需 15 欧元,您即可在下次乘坐经济舱航班时选择自己的菜单,享用美食*。从维也纳机场出发的乘客如果在最后时刻才决定订购,可在出发前至少提前一个小时前往 3 号航站楼的 DO & CO 点菜服务台**选购点菜菜单,在不久之后的旅程中享用!


Exceptions and further information

DO & CO à la carte menus are available on Austrian Airlines scheduled flights with an Austrian Airlines ticket only.

DO & CO à la carte is not available on
  • Domestic flights
  • International flights from regional airports
  • Flights to and from Budapest, Prague and Zagreb
  • Flights operated on behalf of "myAustrian Holidays"
  • Flights operated by a partner airline
  • All long-haul flights to Vienna except flights from JFK, EWR and ORD

Please check the availability of DO & CO à la carte here.

Due to the limited loading capacity on board, only a limited number of DO & CO à la carte menus can be ordered per flight. Therefore group orders (more than 9 passengers travelling within the same booking) cannot be accepted as well.

The menus are intended for passengers travelling in Economy Class. On flights with an included meal service they will be served instead of the standard meal.

Please find information on allergenic ingredients in the menu description directly on