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Your best connections

Austrian Airlines are leading in Central- and Eastern Europe and offer vast number of flights departing in Switzerland towards destinations in those regions as well as in Asia. Take profit of excellent connections in Vienna, Europe's fastest transfer airport. Get to know more about the best connections departing from Switzerland, offered by Austrian Airlines. (Departure an arrival times are indicated in local time. The "+" means arrival on the following day).  

Flights from Zurich

Destination Departure Stay Arrival Elapsed Time Flight Days  Booking 
Sofia 07:40 01:00 12:45 04:15 up to 4x daily Book
Larnaca  07:40 01:10 14:30 05:50 daily Book
Pristina 07:40 01:00 12:00 04:20 up to 2x daily Book
Dubai 10:15 01:25 21:50 08:35 daily Book
Tokyo 10:15 01:35 08:30+ 14:15 5x / week Book

Flights from Basel

Destination  Departure Stay Arrival Elapsed Time Flight Days Booking
Sofia 10:25 03:15 17:55 06:30 daily Book
Warsaw 10:25 01:00 14:20 03:55 up to 2x daily Book
Krakow 10:25 00:45 13:50 03:25 up to 2x daily Book
Tokyo  10:25 01:10 08:30+ 14:05 5x / week Book
Bangkok  19:55 01:45 15:05+ 13:10 daily Book

Flights from Geneva

Destination DepartureStayArrivalElapsed TimeFlight DaysBooking
Sofia 17:35 01:00 22:50 04:15 up to 4x daily Book
Larnaca 07:05 01:35 14:30 06:25 daily Book
Bucharest 17:35 00:50 22:40 04:05 up to 4x daily Book
Dubai 10:00 01:25 21:50 08:50 daily Book
Tokyo 10:00 01:35 08:30+ 14:30 5x/week Book